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Website Help - Create Distribution List
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Creating a Distribution List


If you have a committee, or any other sub-group of Rotarians to whom you would like to send a group email, you will need a distribution list comprised of just those Rotarians.


Print this page if you would like to have a copy of the steps to follow.




1. Click on the "Administration Login" menu item.


2. On the next screen, click on "Canandaigua Rotary"


3. Click on "Main Menu" at the top left of your screen


4. Click on "Email Communications"


5. Click on "Email Distribution Lists"


If the distribution list you need is not already there, then


6. Click on "Creat a new list"


7. Give the List/Group a name that is meaningful


8. Chose whether you want this list to be private for just yourself to see, or for everyone to see.


9. Add people to your list by highlighting them in the left list of member and clicking the Add button to move them to your list.  You can do them one a time, or you can hold down the ctrl button and click on multiple names to add a bunch of people all at once. If you make a mistake you can highlight a name and click the Remove button to take them off your list.


10 Click the "Save Changes" button, that should do it.


If you go to the Email Communications link again, and click on Email Communications and look at the distribution lists available, you will find the one you just created.