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For members...

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Website Help - Create&Publish Peal
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Print this page and to keep it handy while you work

Creating the Peal using Microsoft Word 


You should use the Peal template which is a Word template that has been provided for the purpose of creating a Peal.  If you do not have that template, ask Clark Kurtz or Jack Kellog to send it to you.


1. Open the Peal Template.


2. Immediately do a "Save As" and give your file a descriptive name such as PealJan29-2015.


3. Now modify the file as needed. Change the date, Program Title, Next Week's Program, etc. -- update everything to make it correct for the Peal you are creating.  Replace all the text in the body of the document with your own. When done, do a Print Preview to make sure it all fits on a single legal size page.


4. Save the file. It should have a name like PealJan29-1015.doc or PealJan29-1015.docx


Creating a pdf copy of your Peal Word document


The Peal document needs to be converted to a .pdf file before being uploaded to the website. The process of converting it depends on what Version of Microsoft Word you are using. One of these

techniques should work for you:


A. If you have a later version of Word, right after you have saved your finished Peal document, do a "Save As" and choose the option of saving as a .pdf file. You should then find that a file named PealJan29-2015.pdf has been created.


B. If you cannot do (A), try File / Print and see if there is an option to print to .pdf, which will also create the pdf file.


C. If neither (A) or (B) work then download and install PrimoPdf . After doing that, you can just drag your PealJan29-1015.doc onto the PrimoPDF Icon to create the pdf file, or you will now be able to use (B).


Putting the Peal onto the website


1.      At the bottom of the main menu of the website, click on the "Administration Login" link


2.      Enter your email and password at the Club Wizard level


3.      Click the "Canandaigua Rotary" link


4.     Click "Main Menu" at the top left of the page. If you do not see Main Menu in a red section at the top of the page, you cannot proceed. Ask Phil Esce or Clark Kurtz to modify your website permissions before you can complete the process.


5.   Click on "Newsletter / Press Release" 


6.Click on Add PDF or Word Newsletter/PR which takes you to the New Newsletter page


7.Select the Newsletter Date, Add a title like "Jan 29 Peal", click the Choose File button next to the PDF format option, then browse to the file PealJan29-2015.pdf wherever you have it on your computer. Highlight that file and click Save.


8. Go to the My Pages link in the red menu at the top. If you see your Peal there needs to be "published", do so.


At this point your peal is on the website and may be viewed there. We now want to send a link to that Peal to all our members?


Emailing the Peal to all the club members


1.      In the Main Menu click "Email Communications"


2.      On the To: line, if you want to send your email to all members, check the All Members box. Otherwise, if you want to send to a specific distribution list, check the little Distribution List box and then select the list you want from the drop down list by clicking the little arrow and highlighting the list you want. Don’t forget to check that little distribution list box (you can't just select a list from the dropdown list without checking that little box -- it won't work).


3.      Type the subject of your email IE: Jan XX Peal


4.      In the big window at the bottom, type your email text IE: “Click HERE for the Jan XX Peal.”


·         Press “Enter”

·         Highlight the word ‘HERE’

·         Right Click on the word ‘HERE’

·         Click on “Insert/Edit Link” (the little icon above that looks like a chain link)

·         Click on the drop down for “Link List” (you may have to expand the little window by dragging its right border to the right in order to see the drop-down arrow)

·         Scroll down to & Click “Newsletter – Current”

·         Click the “Update” button at lower left

·         Observe the word HERE in your text is now purple confirming the link magic


5. Finish your email & signoff.


 6. Scroll down to Preview it, or preview the members of your distribution list, to make sure everything is ok. Click the “Send” button and your message and Link to the Peal is sent!


Congratulations -- you have completed a Peal, published it to the website, and sent it to all the club members

(please let Jack Kellogg or Clark Kurtz know if you have suggested improvments for these instructions.)