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  Album Name Date Description
Rotarians gathered around the Christmas Tree at the Canandaigua Country Club as gifts were gathered together for a Navy Veteran and her family. Holiday Cheer For Veteran Family Dec 3, 2021 Canandaigua Rotary Club adopted a Navy Veteran's family for the holidays; donating gifts so the family could have a wonderful Christmas holiday.
Mary Green receives her Paul Harris Plus 7 Award from Club President Mike Schiller. 2021 December PH Awards Dec 2, 2021 Mary Green and Jodi Kaufman receive their Paul Harris Awards.
Salvation Army Bell Ringing Nov 26, 2021 Santa (Mike Wilcox) is seen here taking his turn ringing the bell for the Salvation Army on November 26th as he joined with several other Canandaigua Rotarians ringing the bells around town.
Canandaigua Rotary Club made a donation the Canandaigua American Legion Post 256 for a new range hood The Legion has been making some serious renovations and upgrades to their kitchen in the last few months. Pictured are President Mike Schiller and Legion Commander Larry Gamba. Rotary Club Donates to Legion Nov 18, 2021 American Legion Renovates its Kitchen
Marty Muehe received his Paul Harris Plus 3 Award. Pictured are President Mike Schiller and Marty. Marty Muehe Receives PH +3 Nov 18, 2021 Paul Harris Award went to Marty Muehe
Halloween Pumpkins @ Commons Park Oct 30, 2021 On Saturday, October 30, 2021 our club handed out pumpkins, stickers to decorate the pumpkins and some candy. The kids were having a great time!
Wanda came to the U.S. from Puerto Rico in 1997, worked for the VA for eleven years and lives in Canandaigua. Presently, Wanda is the CEO and President of Re-Lief Corp, a not-for-profit corporation, and was sponsored by Allison Hildebrandt.
Pictured are Wanda Martinez-Johncox and Mike Schiller. 2021 Oct Induction Oct 28, 2021 Wanda Martinez-Johncox was inducted at our October meeting.
Pictured standing left to right: Curt Bailey, Steve Smythe, George Herren, Ed O’Connor, one of the Gilges Clan, Kent Gilges, and Greg Gullo, Front row are Marty Potter, and the rest of the Gilges Clan with donuts. Not pictured are Kim Tenreiro, Mike Wilcox, to mention a few. 2021 Firewood Sold for Camp Onseyawa Oct 23, 2021 Firewood Orders for Camp O
Club members walked the trenches as seen by their cute hats, reflective gear, colorful orange garbage bags, and their sharp poking sticks. Pictured are Amani Gullo, Greg Gullo, Phil Esce, Bill Namestnik, Beverly Cartwright, Kim Tenreiro, Kathi Nevin, Rick Hawks, George Herren, and Ray Mincer. 2021 HiWay Cleanup Oct 2, 2021 Canandaigua Rotarians clean up again.
The Canandaigua Rotary Club honored Gene Gerrard with a Paul Harris Fellowship. Pictured are Club President Mike Schiller and Gene Gerrard. Gene Gerrard Recieves PH Sep 30, 2021 Gene Gerrard receives the Paul Harris Fellowship
New member Tiffany Joubert is the Director at Bridges for Brain Injuries of Ontario County. Tiffany grew up in Rochester, got her B.S. at Syracuse and her Masters at MI. majoring in Environmental Biology. She likes to write skits, and fund raise. 2021 Tiffany Joubert Induction Sep 23, 2021 Tiffany Joubert Is Inducted
Awesome!, Some old, some really old, some restored, and some quite old yet excellent condition. 2021 Bumpers & Banjos Sep 19, 2021 Vintage Bumpers and Lots of Banjos Make for a Great Afternoon
Steve Ubbing receives his Paul Harris +1 Award as presented by Club President Mike Schiller. 2021 Sept PH Awards Sep 9, 2021 September Paul Harris Awards went to Bruce Kennedy, Kim Tenreiro, and Steve Ubbing.
After being stung 2 times Judy Ratcliffe was awarded a certificate for her bravery when helping out at the assembly of the Inclusion Playground. She was also awarded a hand-held Bug Zapper for future use if needed. Rotarian Receives Bravery Award Sep 2, 2021 Two Bee Stings Nets an Award
Facing the camera are Floyd Rayburn, Marty Potter, and LLoyd Lill in front with Rick Hawks and Mark Sheppard in the back. The young man with his back to the camera is Erich Rudolph with his Mom Adeline Rudolph hidden under the structure trying to tighten a bolt. 2021 Club Assembles Playground Equipment Aug 28, 2021 The Club assembles Inclusion Playground Equipment
Jim Hollabaugh was honored with a Paul Harris Fellowship. Jim has been a member of Rotary International since 1970, and retired from JC Penney Management. Pictured are Jim and Club President Mike Schiller. 2021 Jim Hollabaugh Receives PH +1 Aug 19, 2021 Jim Hollabaugh is Awarded His PH +1
Ben Volpe received the Student of Excellence Award. He is kind, was the Senior Class President, and organized a Custodian Award for their extra work this yr. Ben was gifted an alarm clock to go with his studies at the UB this Fall. Shown are Club President Mike Schiller Ben Volpe: 2021 Student of Excellence Announced Aug 5, 2021 Ben Volpe named Student of Excellence
The Club had fun cooking hots and hamburgs for the recent Sonnenberg Gardens’ popular Arts in the Garden. 
Pictured are some of the cooks Phil Esce, Jack Kellogg, Adeline Rudolph, and Steve Smythe. Not pictured are many servers and supporters of the food line. 2021 Arts in the Garden Jul 31, 2021 Rotary Cooks up at Sonnenberg's Arts in the Garden
And again, the Rotary Band plays on, a huge thanks to Ken Poole. 2021 July 4th Parade Jul 4, 2021 Canandaigua Club holds it position it the parade.
Past District 7120 Governor Linda Kohl passes her pin to Janet Tenriero for 2021-2022. District Change Over Dinner Jul 1, 2021 Janet Tenreiro Receives the District 7120 Gavel.
2020-2021 Club President Lynn Holcomb passes The Gavel to 2021-2022 Club President Mike Schiller. Club Changeover Lunch Jun 24, 2021 Passing the Gavel and Other Fun
Pictured are Chamber CEO Ethan Fogg, JR Miller, and Rotarian Donna Miller from Moore Printing. Small Business Award 2021 Jun 24, 2021 JR Miller Receives the Small Business Award
Now, doesn't President Lynn look cool, calm and relaxed? Not a worry, and not a knee shaking. The podium was helpful too. 2021 Field Trip to FHPAC Jun 17, 2021 This Weeks Meeting Held at Fort Hill Performing Arts Center
Jean Logan earned her Paul Harris Plus 8. Pictured are Jean Logan and Rotary Club President Lynn Holcomb 2021 June Paul Harris Awards Jun 17, 2021 Jean Logan earns her PH +8 and Ellen Polimeni Earns her PH +4.
Rick Hawks and Kathi Nevin get ready to collect. No, that's not an evening gown that Kathi has, it's a garbage bag, look again. 2021 Hiway Clean Up Jun 5, 2021 Canandaigua Rotary Club Cleans Up
Group photo of Paul Harris recipients Dr, Paul Harvey, Dr. Robin Sheppard, Rod Smith, and DG Linda Kohl on May 27, 2001. 2021 May Paul Harris Awards and Achievements May 27, 2021 Four Paul Harris Fellowships Awarded and an Achievement Award
Plantings around the Big Rock and the Exercise Equipment were refreshed. Pictured standing: Jack Kellogg, George Herren, Steve Smith, Rick Hawks, Dick McCaughey, Don MacLean, Club President Lynn Holcomb, Scott Kesel, Marty Potter, Kathi Nevin, and in front are the Holcomb brothers Noah and Nate. Outhouse Park Gets a Facelift May 22, 2021 New plantings at Outhouse Park.
Canandaigua Rotary Club makes a donation to Bridges for Brain Injury. Pictured are Tiffany Joubert BBI Director, and Club President Lynn Holcomb. 2021 Bridges for Brain Injury May 20, 2021 Some of the Bridges for Brain Injury Pet Collection
Even young folk participated from the Rotary sponsored Canandaigua Academy's High Schools Interact Club. Some of the stuff picked up was unbelievable. 2021 Watershed Cleanup May 8, 2021 Rotary Participates in Canandaigua Water Shed Cleanup
John Quinlan provided Rotary District 7120 with $24,895 worth of PPE at cost for 10 ARC’s, part of a RI Covid-19 Disaster Relief Grant. He sourced, ordered, even delivered some, with no profit to his company. Bloomfield’s DGN Ralph Brandt and Canandaigua Club DGE Janet Tenreiro presented the award. 2021 John Quinlan PH May 6, 2021 John Quinlan of Quinlan's Medical receives Paul Harris Award
Lydia Harrington was inducted and sponsored by Kim Tenreiro. Ms. Harrington owns Spaces by Lydia and is also embarking on a new position as a Home Consultant for Raymore Flanagan. Lydia is a local person and was a Biernat before she married her husband Pat. 2021 April Induction Apr 22, 2021 Lydia Harrington is Inducted
Red Jacket's Don Collins and Canandaigua's Jodi Kaufman  put together a joint auction to raise money for both clubs. Items had to be cataloged, photographed, up-loaded to the website. Both Clubs are appreciative to the donors, sponsors, and of course bidders. No, Jodi Kaufman was not auctioned off. 2021 On-Line Auction Apr 1, 2021 Joint Red Jacket and Canandaigua Club Auction
Scott Schauman for 30 yrs has been responsible for Academy Players Productions. Now the productions involve as many as 120 students whether in the ‘pit’ on stage or off stage. Scott's energy and talent has no boundary and the students discovered that it often “comes from the heart.” 2021 Scott Schauman's PH Award Mar 25, 2021 Scott Schauman Receives Paul Harris Fellowship
Judy Ratcliff was born in Cleveland Ohio, grew up in Pittsford Pa, and attended Bucknell U majoring in Math & Computer Science. Her work career took her to Boston, Ma, Williamsport Pa, Philadelphia Pa, and Corning NY. She moved to Canandaigua in 2016. 2021 Feb Induction Feb 25, 2021 Judy Ratcliff is Inducted into Rotary
The Spot, a non-profit that provides students free school supplies, clothes, shoes, food and more. Rotarians Karen Sprentall and Jodi Kaufman went to work. Karen wrote a grant to District 7120, and got approved. Another project of collecting used jackets and coats headed up by Ken Poole also helped. The Spot Gets New Washer-Dryer Feb 4, 2021 The Spot at Canandaigua Elementary gets Washer-Dryer donated.
Jean Logan was awarded a Paul Harris Fellowship Plus Seven. The award is given to a living individual who exemplifies a community inspiration and who has brought leadership and service to our community.

Pictured are the Club President Elect Mike Shiller and Jean Logan. 2020 Jean Logan Receives PH +7 Nov 19, 2020 Jean Logan Receives her Paul Harris +7 Fellowship
Over the 28 years over $840,000, half to winners and half distributed to various projects and non-profits. Pictured at right are Rotarians Mark Sheppard, Jack Moran, Rick Hawks, and Allison Hildebrandt drawing the winners from the barrel. 2020 Jackpot Drawing Nov 12, 2020 28th Year of the Jackpot Drawing brings 16 Winners.
Jeff Anthony, really cleaning up. 2020 Oct Rotarians in the Trenches Oct 10, 2020 Rotarians, Rotaracts, and friends Clean up the Hi Ways
Greg Gullo, Karen Sprentall, and Marty Potter caught heaving firewood. Firewood for Camp Onseyawa Oct 10, 2020 Firewood is Distributed to Benefit Camp
Dick McCaughey's PH +5 was presented in the newly renovated Chapel at Woodlawn Cemetery. Our Club donated funds toward the renovation. Doesn't it seem fitting that the former Pastor is acknowledged in the beautiful Chapel? 2020 October Paul Harris Awards Oct 8, 2020 3 Members Awarded the Paul Harris + Fellowships
Adeline Rudolph was inducted into the Canandaigua Rotary Club. She is the daughter of the late and long term Rotarian Dave Cook, and is employed by State Senator Pam Helming. Adeline and her husband Kurt have two children Erich and Addie. 2020 Oct Induction Oct 1, 2020 September & October Inductions
Tall Trainer Fitness is owned by Jeremy and Sarah Biernat and started 14 years ago. The business grew then Jeremy wrote a book FITNESS in REAL LIFE. Tall Trainer has collected and donated for various non-profits through the years to the tune of over $100,000, and annually for the Gleaners Kitchen. 2020 Business of the Year Sep 17, 2020 Tall Trainer: Business of the Year
Ethan Fogg, the Executive Director at the Canandaigua Chamber, was awarded the Paul Harris fellowship +2. 2020 Sept Paul Harris Awars Sep 10, 2020 Paul Harris Awards in September October
Jessica Foster graduated from Victor Schools, then went on to study law, and became a paralegal. She now has three children with her high school sweetheart. Jessica has been in the insurance business for 18 years, and now owns the Foster/Wheeler Insurance Company. September Induction Sep 3, 2020 Jessica Foster is Inducted
The Spot, a resource room at each C-A building, where students in grades K-12 can acquire free school supplies as shoes, clothing and food. The grant was used for a washer and dryer to be used by volunteers for the donated clothing. Rotarians can apply with the hope of getting matching funds. Club Donates to The Spot Sep 3, 2020 Donation Made Possible by hard work and a Grant
The Camp is a joint project by the Rotary Clubs in Ontario, Seneca, Yates, and Wayne counties. Pictured are some of the Canandaigua Club members and friends. Golf Raises Money for Camp Aug 14, 2020 Club Raises Money for Camp Onseyawa
We finally met under the American Legion's pavilion. They were nice enough to let us use it. But the rains came toward the end of the meeting along with the wind, not so good. But we finally made it back inside the following week. 2020 American Legion Pavilion Jul 16, 2020 Pavilion Meeting
Visual Arts students' work displayed on the lamppost banners on Lakeshore Drive. 2020 Lakeshore Drive Banners Jun 15, 2020 Rotary & Kiwanis Banners on Lakeshore Drive
Rotarian helpers: Beverly Cartwright, Janet Tenreiro,Rick Hawks, Judy Gorenflo, Kim Tenreiro, Marty Potter, Karen Sprentall, Phil Esce, Don Raw, and Jack Kellogg. 2020 Food Distribution Jun 15, 2020 Food Distribution at Zion Fellowship Church
Group photo: Kim and Janet Tenreiro, George Herren, Don Raw, Steve Smythe, Dick McCaughey, Marty Potter, Ken Poole, Jack Kellogg, Lynn Holcomb and Nate, Rick Hawks, and Mark Vahey. 2020 Outhouse Park Plantings Jun 13, 2020 Rotarians Are Digging In Again
THE Adopt a Hi-Way CREW! A couple of hours later and the job was done! Hi-Way Clean Up Jun 6, 2020 Club Members Get It All together
Ontario County United Way food drive received a $500 check recently. Masked and pictured are Kari Buch ED, Jeff Lippincott, Barb Fuge, Adeline Rudolf, Karen Sprentall, Marty Potter, George Herren, Greg Gullo, and Don Raw. May 2020 Donations May 22, 2020 Club Donates to Salvation Army and Ontario County United Way
Sometimes a social gathering gets serious. May Virtual Meetings May 21, 2020 Virtual Meetings Snaps
Since the Canandaigua Rotary Club hasn’t been able to meet, some members were anxious to just do something. Janet Tenreiro cleaned up at the West Ave Cemetery, Ellen Polimeni cleaned up Lake Shore and the City Pier, while Marty Potter picked up North Road, and Karen Sprentall picked up in Rushville. Roadside Cleanup Apr 28, 2020 Roadside Cleanup, Not Highway Cleanup
Non-peanut snack items for the Spot which is a program that supports school kids that can’t afford backpacks, snacks etc. Pictured L-R are Janet Tenreiro, Erin Burns, Donna Cator, Kim Tenreiro, Marty Potter, Dan Kelley, Mary Green, Mike Schiller, Peter Mulvaney, Bonnie and Mark Vahey. 2020 March 1st Friday Mar 6, 2020 First Friday Held at Eddie O'Brien's
New member Jim Simmons has worked for Canandaigua Academy for about 20 years and is the Athletic Director, and is married to Becky Simmons. Pictured are Jim’s sponsor Joe DelForte on the left and Club President Dan Kelley on the right. 2020 February Induction Feb 13, 2020 Jim Simmons is Inducted
Pictured L-R: Tim Reed, Sandy Reed, Ken Poole, Marty Potter, Janet Tenreiro (front), Karen Sprentall, Don Raw, Bill Namestnik, and George Herren. 2020 Valentines for Vets Feb 6, 2020 Rotary Members Gather to Make Valentines
Angelo Cocits attends the Eastern Cities dinner. (He's the tall one in the back.) 2020 Eastern Cities Dinner Feb 1, 2020 The club's exchange students attend the Eastern Cities Dinner
Club members filled party bags of items as cake mix, frosting, baking pan, candles, for a small party, then delivered to the Salvation Army. Pictured standing are Beverly Cartwright, Marty Potter, Rick Hawks, Nancy Stelnyk , Mary Green, Club Pres Dan Kelley, Mike Schiller, seated Joe Delforte. 2020 Party Bags for Salvation Army Jan 10, 2020 Party Bags were Assembled
Club members rang bells on Nov 29th and December 20th at Walmart, Penneys, Ryans, Tops, etc. Pictured below in front of Ryan’s in Parkway Plaza are: Tim and Sandy Reed, Janet and Kim Tenreiro. 2019 Bell Ringing Dec 20, 2019 Bell Ringing for Salvation Army
Pictured are Lloyd Lill recipient, Club President Dan Kelley, and Barb Fuge receiving her Plus 2. 2019 Dec Paul Harris Awards Dec 19, 2019 Paul Harris Fellowship Recipients
Ed moved to Canandaigua about six years ago from Fairport where he was also a Rotarian. Past District Governor Tom Rogers was his sponsor. Mr. O’Connor was instrumental in the design of police radio infrastructures. Ed O'Connor Induction Nov 21, 2019 Rotary Inducts Ed O'Connor
Chris Norris moved here from N. Carolina, has been married for twenty years, works for Interstate Heating and Air Conditioning and has a daughter in college. Shown are Club President Dan Kelley, Chris Norris, and sponsor Ken Poole. Chris bought Ken's house so it didn't take long for Ken to speak up. 2019 Chris Norris Induction Nov 14, 2019 Chris Norris Induction
Pictured: Mike Schiller, Tim Reed, Gloria Dancause (in front), Sandy Reed, Janet Tenreiro, Donna Cator, Karen Sprentall, Marty Potter, Beverly Cartwright, Jodi Kaufman (in front), Chris Norris, George Herren, and Dan Kelley. Beehive Project Nov 8, 2019 Rotarians Work Like Beavers
Granger Homestead Rotary Tree was decorated by Club members. 2019 Granger Rotary Christmas Tree Nov 1, 2019 Granger Rotary Christmas Tree
Tom Rogers, Marty Potter, and Kim T soak up the info at the One Rotary Summit. One Rotary Summit Oct 26, 2019 The district 7120 One Rotary Summit
Major Donors, Kim and Janet Tenreiro were honored. Kim started making his donation in 2006 and Janet in 1998. Making the presentation was Past District Governor Tom Rogers. A Major Donor is an individual or individuals who have made a significant cumulative donation over several years. Major Donor Milestone Oct 10, 2019 Club members reach Milestone
On a recent Saturday morning Club members walked parts of NY Rt 5 & 20 in its Fall cleanup campaign. The camaraderie between Club members and friends was healthy and made the job almost interesting. Pictured are Rotarians Kim Tenreiro and Phil Esce with their specialized hands-free equipment. 2019 Fall Hi-way Cleanup Sep 28, 2019 2019 Fall Hi-way Cleanup
Erin Pownall Burns works in the substance use disorder field, and is a trainer. She was sponsored by fellow Club member Tricia Carey. Ms. Burns and her husband Joe have three kids. September 2019 Induction Sep 19, 2019 Erin Burns Induction
Family Promise Executive Director Brenda Straight, Family Promise Board Member Rick Constantino, Rotarian Marty Muehe, and Rotary President Dan Kelley. Family Promise Donation Sep 5, 2019 Family Promise Receives Donation
Angelo Cocita is from Sommatino, Italy (Sicily) is 16 years old. He loves all sports especially soccer and plays on the city team. He’s looking forward to making new friends while here and learn about new cultures. 2019-2020 Exchange Students Aug 29, 2019 Our Exchange Students Arrive
Tim and Sandy Reed earned their Paul Harris Plus 2. Pictured are Tim and Sandy Reed, and Club President Dan Kelley. 2019 August Paul Harris Awards Aug 8, 2019 Three Rotarians Earn Paul Harris Plus Awards.
Mr. Bock is the Executive Director of the Canandaigua Habitat for Humanity, where he qualifies certain homeowners for upkeep, oversaw construction of three Habitat homes in Ontario county, manages over all operations of Habitat including outreach, and organizing volunteers. Non-Rotarian of the Year Aug 1, 2019 2019 Non-Rotarian of the year went to Nash Bock.
Dick MeGavern was selected as Rotarian of the Year for many reasons; just one was the forming and execution of the 4-Way Test to school kids. He formed a committee, approached administrators, and trudged forward at both Canandaigua Academy and at St. Mary's School. Rotarian of the Year Jul 18, 2019 Dick MeGavern: Rotarian of the Year
2018-2019 President Karen Sprentall passes reigns over to 2019-2020 President Dan Kelley. Also pictured is President Elect Lynn Holcomb. 2019 Change Over Jul 11, 2019 New Club President takes over.
2018-2019 Club President Karen Sprentall was awarded a Paul Harris Fellowship. Pictured is Karen and Dan Kelley. 2019 Karen Sprentall Earns PH Jul 11, 2019 Karen Sprentall Earns PH
Honorary Member Ken North's MG TD driven by his son. 2019 July 4th Parade Jul 4, 2019 Canandaigua Rotary Club marches in parade
Mr. Kolb , a former US Navy man, retired from Upjohn Pharmaceutical in 1987. Since, he has been a volunteer at St. John’s Episcopal Church, became a Chaplain Volunteer at Thompson five days/wk directing patients and their families to hospital departments. Pictured with Mr. Kolb is Bob Palumbo. Volunteer of the Year Jun 27, 2019 Richard Kolb Named Volunteer of the Year
Kathi Nevin receives her Paul Harris Plus 1. Pictured with Kathi is Karen Sprentall, President. Paul Harris Award is Presented Jun 27, 2019 Kathi Nevin was presented with her Paul Harris Fellowship Plus 1.
2019 Bicycle Rodeo Jun 21, 2019 Annual bicycle rodeo at the Canandaigua Elementary School sponsored by the Ontario County Safety Council
The Club donated funds to the Canandaigua Veterans Club on Foster St to help rebuild their front porch that was in rough shape. Pictured is Jim Lyon receiving a check from Club President Karen Sprentall. Donation to Canandaigua Veterans Club Jun 20, 2019 Club Donates to the Veterans Club
Jennifer Jones, past International Director, was our key note speaker. 100th Year Celebration Jun 13, 2019 Canandaigua Club Celebrates 100 Years
Group pic of officers and their PH Awards and Mary Green Ret. 2019 Law Day Jun 6, 2019 Club honors Officers from Canandaigua PD, Ontario Co Sheriff's Office, and Troop E.
Tim Chaapel has had Mobile Music store on Main St since 1980, and Denise Chaapel has had Sweet Expressions store running since 1997. Both have supported many non-profits and businesses locating on Main St. 2019 Small Business Award Jun 6, 2019 2019 Small Business Awarded to Sweet Expressions and Mobile Music.
Pictured are Steve Smyth, Jack Kellogg, Floyd Rayburn, Rick Hawks, Kathi Nevin, Tom Rogers, Greg Gullo, Lynn Holcomb and sons, Don O’Neill, Mark Vahey, and Marty Potter. 2019 Outhouse Park Facelift Jun 1, 2019 Outhouse Park Receives a Once Over by Rotarians: pulling weeds raking and planted flowers.
Heather Black and Heather Folic are pictured with Club Pres Karen Sprentall with the CACC $2000 check. 2019 May Donations May 23, 2019 Club Makes Donations, May 2019
Resting in the front row is a group from Reliant Credit Union, and the back row are Kathi Nevin, Curt Bailey, Pres Karen Sprentall, and Marty Potter. 2019 Day of Caring May 16, 2019 Rotary Club Participates at Day of Caring
Club pays third of three $5,000 donations to Bristol 4-H Camp. The money went toward much needed new bathrooms. Accepting the check are Tim Hooper and Erin VanDamme with Club President Karen. Bristol 4-H Camp May 9, 2019 Bristol 4-H Camp Receives Final Donation
Floyd Rayburn was awarded a Paul Harris Fellowship Plus 1. Pictured with Floyd is President Karen Sprentall. Floyd Rayburn Awarded PH +1 May 2, 2019 Paul Harris Awarded to Floyd Rayburn
In all, about 40 bags were filled, one for each classroom in the Pre-K to 2nd grade at CA and St. Mary's. 2019 Tree Bagging Apr 25, 2019 Rotary Celebrates Arbor Day 2019
Joe DelForte was awarded his Paul Harris Plus 4 Fellowship. He is pictured with President Karen Sprentall. Joe DelForte Plus 4 PH Apr 25, 2019 Joe DelForte receives PH +4 Fellowship.
Linda and Rick Hawks are honored for becoming Major Donors. Rick is holding the Crystal Award. Also pictured is Past District Governor Tom Rogers. Major Donor Award Mar 28, 2019 Hawks Major Donor Awarded
DG Mike Slovak was on hand to award Paul Harris Fellowships to Kim Tenreiro, Janet Tenreiro, Bruce Kennedy, and Dan Kelley. March Paul Harris Awards Mar 28, 2019 Four Paul Harris Awards Given
Allison Hilldenbrandt was inducted in March and is a Canandaigua native. She enjoyed volunteering in college and may look familiar to some since she is employed by Habitat for Humanity. March Induction Mar 14, 2019 Allison Hildrenbrandt is Inducted
The Canandaigua Rotary Club recently made a donation to the Ontario County United Way. The agency serves over two dozen non-profits and agencies. Pictured are Rotary Club President Karen Sprentall, Lynn Holcomb, and United Way Executive Director Kari Buch. Donation to United Way Mar 14, 2019 Club makes donation to United Way of Ontario County
Pictured are Mary Green and team or aka as the Red Checkered Society. Bowling for $cholarships Mar 10, 2019 Rotary bowls for student $cholarships
The Chorus group sings with the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra and sells tickets during their weeks of many rehearsals. The Chorus also and provides refreshments during the intermission. Pictured are Club President Karen Sprentall, CA’s Sean Perry, Committee Chair Chris Hubler, and Donna Miller CA Chorus Donation Feb 28, 2019 CA Chorus Donation
The Canandaigua Rotary Club recently made a donation to Mercy Flight Central Operations. Locally they service many areas around western and central New York State. Pictured is Jasmine DiSalvo and Jeff Bartkoski from Mercy Flight and Karen Sprentall, Club President Mercy Flight Donation Feb 28, 2019 Mercy Flight Receives Donation
New member Christine Streich was sponsored by Nancy Stelnyk. She graduated from FLCC and is an Account Manager for Brite Computers. Christine lives in Farmington with her husband Britt and children. Pictured are sponsor Nancy Stelnyk, Christine Streich, and Club President Karen Sprentall: January Inductions Jan 17, 2019 Liz Nares and Christine Streich are Inducted into Club
Nothing happens without the kitchen crew: Club Pres Karen Sprentall, Preston Pierce, Don O'Neill, PDG Tom Rogers, Nancy Stelnyk, Steve Uebbing, Salvation Army staff person, and Jodi Kaufman. Christmas Dinner Dec 22, 2018 Rotarians Serve Dinner
The Club Partners with CA to promote good citizenship using the 4-Way Test. The successful program started with the Ft. Collins Club in the 1990's. Pictured are Caroline Chapman, CA's Director of Communications, and Club Pres Karen Sprentall. 2018 4-Way Test Partnership Dec 20, 2018 Rotary Club Partners with CA for 4-Way Test
CA's Jazz Ensemble does it the Christmas Season for the Club. CA Jazz Ensemble Performs Dec 20, 2018 CA Jazz Ensemble performs for the Club
Judi Gorenflo lived in Fairport until last June and has grown children, and a former member of the Newark Club. Judi is a licensed Real Estate Salesperson with the Keller Williams Group. Pictured are President Karen, Judi and her sponsor Beverly Cartwright. Judi Gorenflo Induction Dec 13, 2018 Judi Gorenflo was inducted into the Club.
...all under the direction of Christopher James Lees. Thank You! RPO-CA Concert Dec 7, 2018 27th RPO-Canandaigua Academy Concert
Mary Green achieved her Paul Harris Plus 3. Pictured is Club President Karen Sprentall and Mary. Mary Green Awarded Paul Harris +3 Nov 29, 2018 Mary Green attains her Paul Harris Plus 3.
Curt Bailey retired about two years ago from the United Way of the Southern Tier in Corning as Director of Finance. Curtis and his wife Molly moved to Canandaigua about two years ago. Pictured are Curt and Club Pres Karen Sprentall. Curtis Bailey Inducted Nov 29, 2018 Curt Bailey is latest new member inducted.
Check out the tree topper. Granger Christmas Tree Nov 23, 2018 Granger Homestead has a Rotary Christmas tree.
Rhonda Hillman was inducted into the Club. She has a background in nursing, works for Gullo Dentistry. She has also co-authored a book Rhonda Hillman Inducted Nov 15, 2018 Rhonda Hillman is inducted into the Club.
Rotary Club hands out pumpkins for painting at the City Mini Park and at Camp Onanda. As can be seen by the little smiles, it's a good time. The big smiles in the back row are Marty Potter and George Herren. Pumpkins 2018 Oct 27, 2018 Rotary Hands Out Pumpkins for Painting
The firewood is free to the Club from Chainsaws for Charity and the Club charges firewood customers, thus raising money for camp attendees. 2018 efforts raised close to $1400. 2018 Camp Onseyawa Firewood Project Oct 20, 2018 Firewood Roundup for Campers
Over a dozen Rotarians dressed in their large Bumble Bee outfits gathered to pick lost 'treasures' alongside Rt 5 & 20. Kim Tenreiro provided many 'pick-up sticks' for the Rotarians. Pictured are Tricia Carey, Club Pres Karen Sprentall and her grandson Josh. 2018 Adopt-a-Highway Oct 13, 2018 Club Adopts Rt 5 & 20
PDG Tom and Sandi Rogers become Major Donors. Pictured are PDG Ellen Hughes, Sandi Rogers, PDG Tom Rogers, and District Governor Mike Solvak. New Major Donors Oct 11, 2018 PDG Tom and Sandi Rogers Become Major Donors
Kim Tenreiro and Greg Gullo share the 4-Way Test with 6th graders at their tables. Rotary 4-Way Test Sep 27, 2018 Rotary's 4-Way Test Delivered to 6th Graders at CA
The Canandaigua Academy Booster Club received a $2000 check from the Club. Pictured are: the CA Booster Club Advisor, Booster club representatives, and Club Pres Karen Sprentall. CA Booster Club Donation Sep 20, 2018 The CA Booster Club receives donation from Rotary Club
This is the 2017 crew who loaded & delivered firewood for a great price as a fund raiser for Camp ONSEWAYA. They all had a good time doing something good for the kids! Firewood Fund Raiser Sep 6, 2018 'Firewood for Camp ONSEWAYA'
Barb Fuge was awarded her Paul Harris Plus 1 Fellowship Award. 2018 Paul Harris Awarded to Barb Fuge Aug 30, 2018 Barb Fuge Receives Another Paul Harris Award
Rotarian Jean Logan helps campers find a prize. Camp ONSEWAYA Summer Camp Aug 23, 2018 Another Great Year at Camp ONSEWAYA
Captain David Rhodes from the Salvation Army joins our Club transferring from Pittsburgh, PA. He brings with him his wife Pam and daughter Macy. Aug New Member Aug 16, 2018 Captain David Rhodes Joins Rotary
And the band played on! Yes we were treated to the Finger Lakes Community Band for well over an hour, thanks to the efforts of Ken Poole & Pres Karen Sprentall. Also playing in the band were Jean Logan, and our Scott Kesel. 2018 Picnic Aug 9, 2018 Club Picnic held at Kershaw Park
Tom Rogers, the 2016-2017 District Governor, presented Mary Green an Award for her contribution as Assistant to the District Governor. The Club welcomed Mary back to their meetings since now she has fewer scheduling conflicts. Pictured are Club Pres Karen Sprentall, Mary Green, and PDG Tom Rogers. Mary Green is Cited Aug 2, 2018 Mary Green receives Award.
Dan Kelly was awarded the Paul Harris Fellowship. The Award is given to an individual who exemplifies a community inspiration and who has brought leadership and service to our community. Pictured are presenter Lynn Holcomb and Dan Kelly. 2018 Aug PH Award Aug 2, 2018 Dan Kelly receives PH Award
Freeport, Grand Bahamas Pres-Elect Lorine Miller visited our Club bringing a hand made basket in appreciation, for our help in their water project. Pictured are Club President Karen Sprentall, President-Elect Lorine Miller, Ellen Polimeni, and Guest Rotarian Joe Kohler III. 2018 Grand Bahamas Rotarian visits Canandaigua Aug 2, 2018 The President Elect, Lorine Miller, from the Freeport, Grand Bahamas Rotary Club visits our Club.
Kathi Nevin presents Jean Logan her Paul Harris Plus 7 pin. 2018 June Paul Harris Awards Jul 26, 2018 Four Members are cited with Paul Harris Awards.
Thank goodness Karen Sprintall was in the wings and ready to be our new Club President. 2018 Change Over Lunch Jul 26, 2018 President Marty Muehe was very appreciative of the Club's membership and Karen Sprentall's taking the helm.
Past President Marty Muehe gets his Past Presidents pin from new President Karen Sprentall. 2018-2019 President Change Over Jul 26, 2018 Karen Sprentall Becomes the Club President for 2018-2019
Jack Stover III was inducted, lives in Naples, and works for SIMCO in the HR Benefits Dept. Prior he was a college coach, and associated with the Naples Rotary. Jack and his wife are expecting an addition to their family soon. Pictured are Jack and Rotary Club Pres. Karen Sprentall. 2018 July Induction Jul 26, 2018 Jack Stover III is Inducted
Foreign Exchange student Julia Santos visited us this past year from Campinas Brazil, arrived here last August. She enjoys tennis, swims, music and the guitar. Campinas is a city of over one million much like our Silicone Valley. Shown is President Marty and Julia with the traditional flag exchange. 2017-2018 Exchange Student Julia Jun 21, 2018 Exchange Student Julia Returns
Group picture of 4-Way Test recipients: Pres Marty Muehe, Gloria Dancause, Dick Joseph, Jim Keenan, and Helen Meyers. 4-Way Test Awards Jun 14, 2018 4-Way Test Awards from June 14th
New Inductee, Bob Hovey, was born, raised in Canandaigua, and graduated from Cornell. As a Regional Distributor for Young Living Essential Oils working from home he decided to join Rotary for the camaraderie and fellowship. His oldest is in 2nd year at RIT and his youngest is in Canandaigua Academy. 2018 June Induction Jun 14, 2018 Rob Hovey is Inducted into the Club.
Pictured: Brian Dennis, Kim Tenreiro, Karen Sprentall, Tricia Carey, Mark Vahey, Ray Mincer, Mark Sheppard, Kevin Sheppard, Gloria Harrington, Nancy Stelnyk, Mark Prunoske, Don Raw, Rick Hawks. And no, they aren't large bumble bees. Adopt-A-Hiway Jun 2, 2018 Rotary members clean up
Pictured in front row are Steve Smythe, Joe DelForty, Lynn Holcomb, Mary Green, Clark Kurtz, and Marty Potter. Back Row are Floyd Rayburn, Dick McCaughey, Gloria Harrington, Karen Sprentall, Jack Kellogg, Rick Hawks, Kevin Sheppard, Mark Sheppard, and Kim Tenreiro. Outhouse Landscape Crew Jun 2, 2018 Rotarian crew dressing up the flower beds at Outhouse Park on Saturday, June 2, 2018
Holding check are Interact Seniors Alex Teerlinck, Chloe Ciranni, Interact Advisor Kelly Smith, Ireland Meenan, Emily Abplanalp, Club President Marty Muehe, Club Secretary and Interact Committee Co-Chair Kathi Nevin, and Tricia Carey. Interact Club Receives Check May 24, 2018 Canandaigua Academy Interact Club Received Check
Kim Tenreiro was at one time an usher at the Madison Square Garden in NYC, a Computer Programmer and a Pharmacist at The Medicine Shoppe. He is also known for his many fundraisers in his one man presentation of The Christmas Carol. April Induction Apr 26, 2018 New member Kim Tenreiro is Inducted.
Arbor Day, well done! 2018 Tree Bagging Apr 26, 2018 Arbor Day was Celebrated with Saplings.
This became a joint project of Rotary and Kiwanis. Be THE Match Apr 17, 2018 Call for Blood and Bone Marrow
At the left end of the circle is Beverly Cartwright ready to demonstrate a few dance routines. Festa Italiana Apr 15, 2018 Festa Italiana is a Major Fundraiser
The blood drive & bone marrow registry is slated for May 15, 2018 at the Greater Canandaigua Civic Center from Noon to 6pm. Enlarge this image for further details. Blood & Marrow Drive Apr 3, 2018 There is a blood and marrow drive slated for May 15th
Non-Rotarian Kirby Green receives the Paul Harris Award for his community service and inspiration with the Elks Club, MS Society's Spellbound, Veterans, students and people with cerebral palsy, etc. Pictured are Janet Tenreiro doing the pinning, Kirby, & Pres Marty. Paul Harris Fellowship Award Mar 29, 2018 Non-Rotarian Kirby Green is honored with a Paul Harris fellowship
Rochester Deaf Club presented Jane Holden the James Holden Award to her for going above and beyond when guiding their Club to become a reality. James Holden Award Mar 15, 2018 Rochester Deaf Club Makes 2 Awards
And lets not forget those valuable sponsors and contributors. Zoom in to get a closer look. Bowl-a-Thon a Success Mar 11, 2018 Many Rotarians and non-Rotarians enjoyed an afternoon of bowling & fun.
Yes, and in all 38 units were collected. Refreshments were served up by Jon Herrick, Jesse Hibbard, Cole Cutri, and Taylor Giroux from the Interact Club. Scott Kessal Blood Drive Mar 7, 2018 Many turned out for the blood drive.
Honorary Member Jane Holden, the wife of late Jim Holden PDG and past Club Pres, was inducted.
Jonathan Hoose is from Fairport, is a philanthropic advisor for Rochester Community Foundation. Pictured are Donna MIller, Jane Holden, Pres Marty, Jonathan Hoose, and Ethan Fogg. March 2018 Inductions Mar 5, 2018 Jane Holden and Jonathan Hoose are Inducted
Long time member Jean Logan was re-inducted back into the Club after a brief leave of absence. Pictured are Past President Jean and current Club President Marty Muehe. Feb 2018 Inductions Feb 1, 2018 Club Inducts Gloria Harrington and Jean Logan
PDG Terri Hall was recently visited by our Janet Tenreiro in Anchorage Alaska. This picture was taken at Sand Lake in the middle of our winter where we had more snow than Alaska. PDG Terri Hall Entertains Feb 1, 2018 PDG Terri Hall Entertains Janet Tenreiro
Sandy and Tim Reed served many a guest. Christmas Dinner Dec 23, 2017 Christmas Dinners on Dec 23 Served: 240
Not only Rotarians ring the bell but also Bob Palumbo's niece Veronica rang for the November shift. Bell Ringing in the Tundra Dec 23, 2017 Bell Ringing for the Salvation Army Red Kettles
Jack Moran receives the coveted Diamond Paul Harris Award. Pictured are Ann & Jack Moran, Club President Marty Muehe, & PDG Tom Rogers. 2017 December Paul Harris Awards Dec 21, 2017 Jack Moran & JR Miller Receive Paul Harris Awards
The Club's Open House is slated for November 16, 2017 at the Wine & Culinary Center, Canandaigua. Anyone who just might be interested in camaraderie over a good meal that often leads to good deeds locally and internationally might want to investigate this opportunity. Open House Nov 16, 2017 Rotary's Open House
Ellen Polimeni and Mark Vahey receive Paul Harris Awards. Pictured are 1st Vice President Dan Kelley, Ellen, Mark, and President Marty Muehe. 2017 Paul Harris Awards Nov 9, 2017 Ellen Polimeni and Mark Vahey Received Paul Harris Awards.
Personal dictionaries were distributed to each student in the 2nd grade at Canandaigua Elementary School. Pictured are Jack Kellogg, Karen Sprentall,RJ Pietropaolo, George Herren, Mike Schiller, and Sal Pietropaolo. Dictonaries Distributed Nov 6, 2017 Dictionaries Distributed to Canandaigua 2nd Grade.
Scott Kesel is in isolation for about six months while his brother's (the donor) bone marrow matures. He did step out very briefly with Janet T,and Terri Hall while Terri was visiting. Scott Kesel on the Mend Oct 26, 2017 Scott Kesel Mends
Some of the clean-up team: Greg Gullo, Barb Fuge, Tricia Carey, Mark Vahey, Ray Mincer, Ellen Polimeni, Don Raw,John Brendt, and Rick Hawks. Adopt-a-Highway 2017 Oct 14, 2017 Club Cleans up Highway
Around the table: Al and Betsy Walker, Marty Potter, Jim Hollabaugh, 2017 Club Picnic Sep 14, 2017 This year's Club Picnic was held at Outhouse Park in great weather.
One of the fund raisers for the Camp is a golf outing. Pictured seated are Bob Palumbo, Doug Lowden, back row are Jay Johnson, and Rhoda Childs. Camp Onseyawa Happinings Aug 26, 2017 Camp Onseyawa at Babcock-Hovey on Seneca Lake had another successful season.
With some of the Club's fund collected on the Presidents Day Celebration an AED was donated to the Canandaigua Emergency Squad. This AED is can also be used on children as well as adults. Rotary Donates AED Aug 24, 2017 Rotary Club donates an AED to the Canandaigua Emergency Squad.
David Hutchings, Mike Schiller, Rick Hawks 2017 Arts in the Gardens Aug 20, 2017 Volunteering at the food booth
JR Miller received his Paul Harris Award Plus 5. JR is the proprietor of Ryan's Spirits in Canandaigua. 2017 Aug, JR Miller Paul Harris Award Aug 3, 2017 JR Miller Receives his Paul Harris Plus 5
Peter says that he finally realized what it means to be a Paul Harris Fellow and that he should have done it a long time ago and every Rotarian needs to achieve this level as soon as possible. 2017 Jul, Paul Harris Award Jul 27, 2017 Peter Mulvaney receives Paul Harris Award
The Fioravanti family recently dedicated a new swing in Kershaw Park in memory of their parents. The swing looks to be at the West end of Kershaw Park. (more...) 2017 AldoFioravanti Memorial Jul 15, 2017 Memorial Swing
Club President Marty Muehe indicating a parade well done. 2017 July 4th Parade Jul 4, 2017 Rotary Club, Friends and Families
The Club President for 2017-2018 is Marty Muehe who has been a member for almost 20 years, following in the footsteps of his father. Mr. Muehe follows outgoing President Ellen Polimeni. Pictured are outgoing Club President Ellen Polimeni and the new Club President. 2017 Changeover Lunch Jun 29, 2017 Changeover Lunch held on June 29th
Marty Potter received her Paul Harris +4 Award. Marty can always be found working on various committees and outings. Marty is employed locally by the Potter Heating Ventilation & Air Conditioning Company. Pictured are Marty Potter and Club President Ellen Polimeni. Marty Potter Recieves PH Award Jun 29, 2017 Paul Harris +4 is awarded to Marty Potter
Nancy Stelnyk was inducted to the Club. Ms. Stelnyk has been involved with The Granger Homestead Board, Canandaigua Lake Pure Waters, Thompson Health Guild, is a Master Gardner, and likes to play Bridge. Nancy Stelnyk Induction Jun 22, 2017 Nancy Stelnyk was inducted on June 22
Canandaigua Rotary Club donated $5,000 to the Bristol Hills 4-H Camp. The camp is underway with its major renovation, the first in many years. The donation is the first of a three-year pledge. Bristol Hills 4-H Camp Donation Jun 22, 2017 Bristol Hills 4-H Camp receives donation
the Canandaigua Rotary Club donated $5,000 to the Woodland Chapel refurbish project. This was a first of a two-part pledge by the Club. 2017 Donation to Woodlawn Jun 22, 2017 Canandaigua Club donates to the Chapel at Woodlawn
When one needs a flag for the Pledge of Allegiance and there isn't one, one must be resourceful. As it happened, Dave Korpiel offered the shirt off his back, but as it turned out he just stood up instead. Being Resourceful Jun 22, 2017 Anyone Need a Flag?
Clark Kurtz became Rotarian of the Year. He always lends Club members assistance on the Club’s website so that it is painless. Most recently, Clark set up a data base and website for the District Conference that worked well for signups and committee work. Pictured are Clark Kurtz and Bob Palumbo. 2017 4-Way Test Awards Jun 22, 2017 Annual 4-Way Test Awards
Canandaigua Boosters Club received a donation of $7,000 toward their consession stand at the Academy. The proceeds were the result work by Rotarians, non-Rotarians and friends during the Festa Italiana earlier this year. Pictured is Mark MacNeil flanked by Ed Varno and Club President Ellen Polimeni: Booster Club Gets Boost Jun 22, 2017 Canandaigua Booster Club Receives Donation
Robin, Ray Mincer, Greg Gullo, President Ellen Polimeni, and Rick Hawks are ready to bag their findings. 2017 Adopt-a-Highway Jun 17, 2017 The Adopt-a-Highway committee has another successful cleanup.
Interact students receive gift bags from the 2017 Conference. Pictured are Advisor Kelly Smith, Emma, Ben, Cecilia, Maddie, Sophie, Advisor Mrs. Eckdahl. Interact Students Jun 8, 2017 Interact students receive gift bags from the 2017 Conference
More crew: Standing: President Marty Muehe, George Herren, Don Raw, Rick Hawks, Mary Green, Herb Green; kneeling: Marty Potter and Steve Smythe. Outhouse Park Plantings Jun 3, 2017 On Saturday, June 3rd, some Canandaigua Rotarians spent the morning weeding, planting and mulching two gardens at Outhouse Park.
Anna and Brian Dennis, Rick Kaufman, Johanna Gullo, Kathi Nevin, Jodi Kaufman, Greg Gullo, and a few more dirty hands. Tree Bagging Apr 27, 2017 In honor of Arbor Day Rotarians bagged about 900 seedlings and were distributed to 1st graders.
The Rochester Deaf Club honored Jane Holden and PDG Jim Holden for the support, leadership, and sponsoring their club start-up. Holdens Receive Award Apr 6, 2017 Rochester Deaf Club Presents Award
Oh, did you say ice cream? Preston Pierce and Jeff Praino could help you out. Festa Italiana 2017 Apr 2, 2017 Festa Italiana 2017 Sets New Records
Homeland Security presenters were Joe Testani, Senior Supervisory Special Agent from the Rochester FBI office, and Brett Harvey from the US Attorney’s Office. The Counter Terrorism office started in 1979 with only 72 agents worldwide before 9-11. Now there are 150 Task Forces around the U.S. Homeland Security & FBI Visits Mar 16, 2017 Homeland Security and the FBI visted the Club.
Adrienne Kantz was inducted recently and is originally from PA, came to this area in the 90’s, and then returned permanently. Ms. Kantz has served on the Wood Library Board, has three grown children, and is the wife of Dr. Kip Goe. 2017 Mar Adrienne Kantz Induction Mar 9, 2017 Adrienne Kantz is Inducted into the Club
Area Rotary Clubs sponsor an Oratorical Contest for high school seniors where the winners are offered a scholarship to one of three collages. This year Era Gjonbalaj placed third and was coached by Gloria Dancause. 2017 Oratorical Contest Winner Mar 9, 2017 Era Gjonbalaj wins Third Place.
The Club celebrated the Rotary Foundation Anniversary with a cake from Sweet Solutions. Foundation Cake Mar 2, 2017 Celebrating Rotary Foundation Anniversary
Karen Sprentall and Bonnie Vahey, camaraderie is always good. February After Hours Social Feb 23, 2017 Evening Social at the NYWCC
Patty Hotchkiss received her PH Award on Feb 23. She has been the entrepreneur of Patty's Place since 1996 & is known to offer a local vet a free warm breakfast, volunteered at Serenity House, offered a free dinner on Thanksgiving and Christmas. 2017 Feb PH Awards Feb 9, 2017 Paul Harris Recipients
Will the 'real' Rocco Pietropaolo please stand up? Woops! They are standing up and they are all Rocco Pietropaolos, 3 generations worth! Gererations of Pietropaolos Jan 26, 2017 Rare Find
Jim & Tricia came to Canandaigua only 3 years ago and have organized programs for preschoolers, the Phoenix Program, heating bills relief, assistance for the disabled, the elderly and ill, clothing and shelter to the homeless and opportunities for underprivileged children. 2017 Jan Paul Harris Fellowships Jan 12, 2017 Rotarians & Community Leaders Receive the Paul Harris Award
FLCC President Dr. Nye served 30 years in the Army, retiring as a Colonel, plus his academic experience teaching ROTC at Cornell to strategic thinking, strategic leadership, budgeting and negotiations. Dr. Nye and wife Susanne have two grown children, one serving in Iraq and the other at Cal Tech. 2016 Dec Induction Dec 29, 2016 FLCC President Dr Nye is inducted to the Club
Then the diners came and were served quickly, as seen by blurry Aimee Ward. 2016 Christmas Dinner Dec 25, 2016 This years dinner was held at the Salvation Army again, and was even better than last year.
And the brass band played on! Looks like the Scott Brass Trio Plus 2, featuring Scott Kesel on the tuba. 2016 Dec Social Evening Dec 22, 2016 Just a few pictures from the December Social, it was a good time.
Bell of the Ball, Sandy and Dick McGavern. 2016 Nov Evening Social Nov 17, 2016 A Social late in the afternoon was held in lieu of the noon meeting.
Pre-dawn group picture, OR Pre-Coffee group picture. Highway Cleanup Oct 29, 2016 Highway Cleanup Crew Hauls It In
Assistant Canandaigua City Manager John Goodwin get inducted. Pictured are Pres Ellen Polimeni and John. 2016 October Induction Oct 20, 2016 Club Inducts John Godwin
Past Pres Mary Green was honored with the Paul Harris Fellowship Plus 2. Ms. Green is a former New York State Trooper, the former Town of Hopewell Supervisor, and recently was employed with U.S. Senator Tom Reed’s office. 2016 Mary Green Receives Paul Harris +2 Oct 20, 2016 Past President Mary Green receives PH +2
Rotarian Dan Newman and his wife Jordana visit our Club. Pictured are President Ellen, Dan, and Jordana. Anchorage South Visitors Sep 22, 2016 Visitors from the Anchorage South Club
The elusive Joker was finally drawn from the deck netting Mike Schiller $524. Pictured is Mike receiving his check from President Ellen. Joker Winner 2016 Sep 8, 2016 Joker Draw Winner Receives Check
Pictured: Seated: Secretary Kathi Nevin, Karen Sprentall, Barb Fuge, Pres Ellen Polimeni, Joe DelForte, Standing: Treasurer Al Walker, Dan Kelley, Marty Muehe, Sal Pietropaolo, Jay Dutcher, Doug Lowden, Gehrig Lohrmann, Jack Kellogg. Board of Directors Sep 7, 2016 Canandaigua Club's Board of Directors for 2016-2017.
Marty Muehe receives his Paul Harris Fellowship Plus 2. Pictured is President Ellen pinning Marty. Paul Harris Awards Aug 4, 2016 Marty Muehe and JR Miller earn their Paul Harris Fellowships Plus
Liz Pinkey was the $3000 winner, ticket sold by Dick McGavern. Pictured are Liz and President Ellen. 2016 Jackpot Winners Jul 14, 2016 Rotary Annual Jackpot drawing Awards $17,500 to 9 winners.
Known Rotarians left to right: plaid shirt is Bob Palumbo; Dan Kelley in the top hat towing a bunch of kids (all his?); in red shirt is Marty Potter checking her supply of candy; and in blue stripe is Steve Smythe checking for a breeze. 2016 July 4th Parade Jul 4, 2016 Rotary Makes Presence Again
Outgoing DG Bill Gormont pins incoming DG Tom Rogers. Not shown are extra band-aids & a turnekit, supplied by Tom's wife Sandie in case there is an accident. Change Over Dinner Jun 30, 2016 District's Change Over Dinner is Held in Canandaigua.
Pastor Emeritus Fred Magley was honored with the coveted Paul Harris Fellowship Award Plus 2. Standing with Rev Magley is DG Tom Rogers. June Paul Harris Award Jun 30, 2016 Fred Magley Receives Paul Harris Fellowship plus 2.
Marty Muehe presented the Paul Harris Award to Club President Joe DelForte and his wife Melissa for all they have done for the community. Pictured L-R are Marty, Melissa, and President Joe. Joe & Melissa PH Award Jun 23, 2016 President Joe and Melissa are Awarded the Paul Harris Fellowship
President Elect Ellen Polimeni presented President Joe DelForte with the 2015-2016 Gavel, and expressed her gratitude on behalf of all the Club. 2016 Change-Over Lunch Jun 23, 2016 Ellen Polimeni presents President Joe with 2015-2016 Gavel.
Thompson Hospital Foundation was presented with a Canandaigua Rotary Club $4500 check earmarked for the Breast Imaging Center capital campaign, results of Rotary’s annual Presidents day fundraiser. Pictured are Club President Joe DelForte and Anita Pietropaolo, Director of Development at Thompson. Thompson Health Foundation Award Jun 23, 2016 Thompson Health Foundation receives Club donation
Mary Green, always giving of herself as and since her retirement from the NYS Police. She served on the board for United Way, Camp Onseyawa, involved at the Rotary District level, past Club President, and a role model for all Rotarians. Pictured with Mary is brother Floyd Rayburn, a fellow Rotarian. 4-Way Test Awards Jun 16, 2016 Annual 4-Way Test Awards are Presented
Marjorie Donhauser receives a Paul Harris Fellowship for her dedication in nursing for 40 years, volunteerism with Happiness House, Bridges in Brain Injury, Wood Library, No Where to Go, St. Mary's Church, Horizons Senior Living Community, etc. Presenting was Donna Miller. 2016 Jun Marjorie Donhauser Recieves PH Award Jun 9, 2016 Marjorie Donhauser is Awarded a Paul Harris Fellowship.
Mr. Hafler is originally from the Corning area and owns Comfort Keepers, serving seniors in six counties. He resides with his family in Bristol for the past seventeen years. When he recited “I do” upon agreeing to the Club’s creed he said that “that was the second time in thirty-four years.” 2016 May Inductions May 19, 2016 Terry Hafler and Gloria Dancause are Inducted
JR received his PH +2 pin from President Joe. May Paul Harris Awards May 19, 2016 Joe Kardesh and JR Miller receive a Paul Harris Award.
Well done crew! And they're still smiling, must have been fun too! 2016 Outhouse Park Facelift May 14, 2016 Brave Work for Strong Souls.
Deacon Claude Lester received a donation for a project between the St. Benedict Roman Catholic Parish of Canandaigua and Kalama, Kenya. The project consists of a borehole well for portable water. Pictured are Deacon Claude Lester and President Joe Delforte. Kenya Water Project May 12, 2016 Our Club donates to the Kenya Water Project.
Shelter Shelter Box 2016 Apr 30, 2016 Temporary Shelters Provided by Rotary Clubs.
The guys really Hershey District Conference Apr 29, 2016 District 7120 District Conference was held in "Chocolate Town" Hershey, PA.
HEY WAITER! Yep, It's RJ Peitropaolo, President Joe DelForty Jr, Dave White, Ed Varno, and Matt Hoose ready for your orders in promotional ad. Festa Italiana Apr 3, 2016 Festive It Will Be!
Jennifer Jones, a Director of Rotary International addressed the Club. Mrs. Jones is from Windsor Ontario, Canada. Director of Rotary International, and PH +3 Mar 17, 2016 Director of Rotary International address, and Scott Kesel's Paul Harris +3
Some of the Canandaigua Academy's Interact Club presented their goals and accomplishments. Pictured are faculty adviser, 5 of the Club's members and school principal. Interact Club Presents Mar 10, 2016 CA Interact Club presented their goals and activities
President Joe, Beverly Cartwright, JR Ryan, and Friends having a great time. Bowling for Dollars Feb 21, 2016 Rotary Clubs bowl for student scholarships.
Rotary Club recognized Kim Reisch a certified Community Mediator, Custody & Visitation Mediator, Parent/Teen Mediator, Special Ed Mediator, and Family Divorce Mediator for over 22 years. She also teaches various mediation certifications. Shown: Presenter Jack Kellogg, Kim, President Joe DelForte Jr. 2016 Feb Paul Harris Award Feb 4, 2016 Kim Reisch is Awarded a Paul Harris Fellowship
Donna Cator was inducted on Jan 28, works for Canandaigua National Bank, has served on the Canandaigua City Council, and is a former Geneva Rotarian. She has also been a long time Canandaigua resident. Pictured: Donna and President Joe Delforte Jr. 2016 Jan Induction Jan 28, 2016 Donna Cator is Inducted into the Club
In a spirited contest between Rotary & Kiwanis clubs of Canandaigua, the Rotary Club inched out a slight margin, jointly benefiting all local Salvation Army programs. Shown: Kiwanis President Dave Metting, Rotary Club President Joe DelForte Jr., Tricia and Jim Brennan of the Salvation Army. 2015 Bell Ringing Award Jan 21, 2016 Canandaigua Rotary Club Wins Again.
Group picture of visiting DGE plus Paul Harris recipients Lily Jensen and Sandie Rogers. Foundation Dinner Feb 2016 with DGE Jan 14, 2016 The Foundation Dinner at FLCC had many DGE's and Paul Harris recipients.
Lily Jensen at 13 volunteers at Gleaners Community Kitchen, helps plant and harvest the fruits and vegetables at the Gleaners Garden, raises money for the  Humane Society, helps with guide dogs, Youth Summer Program at Wood Library, made and sold over $1000 of fudge for Gleaners Kitchen. Foundation Dinner Feb 2016 with PH Recipients Jan 14, 2016 The Foundation Dinner at FLCC had many DGE's and Paul Harris recipients.
Yes, and everyone went home with a small wrapped gift from Rotary, thanks to Tim and Sandy Reed aided by a few of Santa's helpers. 2015 Christmas Dinner Dec 25, 2015 Rotarians Serve it up at the Salvation Army
Ya should have been there to enjoy it too! December Jazz Ensemble Dec 17, 2015 Canandaigua Academy's Jazz Ensemble Entertains
The new GM at the New York Wine & Culinary Center John Berndt was inducted. He is glad to be back in upstate NY. Pictured are John and President Joe D. December Induction of John Berndt Dec 17, 2015 NYWCC's John Berndt is Inducted
President Joe is flanked by new inductees Charlie Parkhurst and Brian Dennis. November New Members Nov 19, 2015 Charlie Parkhurst and Brian Dennis Inducted.
Bill Hallett with President Joe receiving his Paul Harris Plus One. Nov Paul Harris Fellowships Nov 19, 2015 Club awards Paul Harris Fellowship to Janet Tenreiro and Bill Hallett.
Karen Sprentall and President Joe DelForte graduated from the RI's Leadership Course Level III. Club Graduates Nov 7, 2015 Karen & President Joe Graduate
Rotarian Andy Platou has steady hands for the designer. 2015 Pumpkin Carving Oct 31, 2015 Rotary Club provides 50 pumpkins for carving.
Woops, no test rides but a Rotarian from the Honeyoye Club was able to test sit. 2015 Mercy Flight Meeting Sep 17, 2015 Club meeting was held at Mercy Flight Central on Sept 17.
JR Miller was awarded the prestigious  Paul Harris Fellowship Plus1. Pictured are JR Miller and President Joe DelForte Jr. JR Miller Receives Paul Harris Sep 10, 2015 Paul Harris Fellowship Plus 1 is awarded to JR Miller.
George M. Ewing Forum Lecture Series received a donation from the Club. The forum was started five years ago and presents stimulating speakers during the series and take place at FLCC. Pictured are President Joe and Caroline Delavan. Lecture Series Receives Donation Aug 27, 2015 George M Ewing Lecture Series Receives Donation
Bill Gormont described the possibilities of the coming Rotary year. He ended with some literal shear magic that brought a robust round of applause!
Pictured is DG Bill Gormont receiving a check from the Club for the Foundation from Club President Elect Mayor Ellen Polimeni. District Gov Bill Gormont Visits Jul 30, 2015 Bill Gormont DG Visits Our Club.
Talk about traffic stoppers: Teresa Hall and Uncle Sam (aka Skip Buck) 2015 July 4th Parade Jul 4, 2015 The Club joins in the Canandaigua July 4th Parade
Joe Delforte helping a student through the tennis balls. 2015 Bike Rodeo At Canandaigua Elementary School Jun 19, 2015 The Bike Rodeo is held in conjuction with the Ontario County Safety Council. Students go through a 'road' course to help them learn how to ride their bicycles safely.
Pictured with their awards are  Carla DeMecco, Sue Underhill, Denise Chaapel, Kathi Nevin, and Marty Potter; and Rotarians Janet Tenreiro and Donna Miller; back row are Barb Fuge and Bob Palumbo. 4-Way Test Awards Jun 18, 2015 Six 4-Way Test Award recipients were honored.
Martin Schank was inducted into the Club, is an attorney from Rochester who moved his practice and residence to Stanley and is enjoying the country. Pictured are Club President Mary Green, Martin Schank, Sponsor George Herren, Club members John Spare and Mark Sheppard. June Inductee Jun 18, 2015 Martin Schank is inducted into Rotary.
Ms. Smith is the motivating force behind Rotary Interact Club at Canandaigua Academy. The Club has supported many projects as the Ronald McDonald House, Ghana water filters, Salvation Army bell ringing, Bike Drive. Pictured with Kelly are her parents Judy and Ron (Half Pint) Smith. Kelly Smith Receives Paul Harris Jun 11, 2015 The Rotary Interact Adviser receives Paul Harris Award.
Pictured are President Mary and JR Miller. The prestigious award is given to an individual who exemplifies a community inspiration and who has brought leadership and service to our community. Paul Harris Fellowship Jun 11, 2015 JR Miller receives prestigious Award.
Annually,the Club’s Past Presidents day raises funds for a local charity. This year the money raised is for the Salvation Army’s Response Unit. Pictured are Club President Mary Green and Jim Brennan: Salvation Army Donation Jun 11, 2015 Response Unit Gets a Boost from Presidents Day.
Mr. McGavern recently has been one of the driving forces behind the statues on South Main at the corner of Rt. 5 & 20, and the recently installed highway markers. Pictured are Club President Mary Green and Dick McGavern. Paul Harris Award to Dick McGavern Jun 4, 2015 Dick McGavern gets his #2.
Beverly Cartwright and Mark Vahey are almost done stabbin' & pickin.' Adopt-A-Highway May 30, 2015 Club members chip in at clean up.
20 something Rotarians and friends making 40 hands of work. Job WELL DONE!!! Outhouse Park Face-lift May 30, 2015 The exercise equipment and various flower beds get the Spring treatment.
Yes, our President Mary was lit, but by a fiber optics table decoration. According to all reports everyone had a good time at the Conference. District Conference May 16, 2015 Held in Buffalo
African country of Nepal was hit with a devastating earthquakes. At the request of the Charitable Request committee the Club board approved the funding of a Shelter Box. Shown is a picture of the exterior. Shelter Box for Nepal May 13, 2015 Club authorizes Shelter Box for Earthquake shaken Nepal.
Rotary welcome sign cropped. Welcome Signs Apr 23, 2015 Rotary installed 4 Welcome signs at main entrances.
Bill Jones was inducted, as sponsored by Doug Lowden. Bill retired from the insurance business and has recently established LTC Funding Plans LLC to help people through the long-term care insurance maze. Bill and his wife Debbie have four children and six grandchildren. April Induction Apr 23, 2015 Bill Jones is Inducted
Comfort Care Home of Canandaigua was presented a check for $5,000 to help with some of the unexpected renovation surprises and setbacks. The check was received by the new Director Sue Underhill who expressed an awful lot of appreciation. Comfort Care Donation Apr 16, 2015 Club donates to the Canandaigua Comfort Care Home
Teamwork for Jack Moran, President Mary, Marty Potter, and Beverly Cartwright. Bowl-a-THon 2015 Apr 12, 2015 Club raises scholarship money.
Ziti advertising crew Don O'Neill, Doug Lowden, Donna Miller, and Ed Varno Ziti Dinner Mar 5, 2015 Ziti Dinner
Club President Mary flanked by new members Jacky Crane and David DeRaddo. 2015 Feb Inductees Feb 26, 2015 Jacky Crane and David DeRaddo Inducted.
President Mary returned from the Mardi Gras with trinkets, stories, beads, and a hat? Notice the beads! Mardi Gras Impacts Club Feb 19, 2015 Club has Mardi Gras representation.
The Sound Waves divided us into groups for a chorus sing-along. Table 1 came through LOUD and clear. Valentines Club Dinner Feb 12, 2015 (or) Club Dinner for Valentines Day
From the foreground: Rick Kaufman, Jack Kellogg, Jody Kaufman, and a diner. Loaf and Ladle Helpers Feb 11, 2015 Rotarians help out at Granger Homestead.
Group of District Governors choose our Canandaigua Club to visit while touring upstate. District Governors Visit Jan 29, 2015 Out of area District Governors visit Canandaigua.
Both Clubs raised over $12,500. Salvation Army's Jim Brennan stated that through the efforts of both Clubs and other bell ringers plus the generous community support they reached their goal of $100,000. Pictured are Kiwanian Chris Bross, Tricia and Jim Brennan, and Rotary President Mary Green. 2014 Bell Ringing Jan 8, 2015 Rotary wins the 2014 Bell Ringing Award.
Even busy table server Beverly Cartwright was in the spirit in between tables! Community Christmas Dinner Dec 25, 2014 Community Christmas Dinner held at Canandaigua Academy
Amy will be leaving the Canandaigua School System Club President Mary Green presented her with a specially made piece of jewelry from Adorn Jewelry on behalf of the Club’s gratitude. Amy also informed us that in her career move she was looking forward to working with Jeff Tyzik at the Eastman. Appreciation for Amy Story Dec 18, 2014 Rotary honors Amy Story
Kevin is an insurance agent with the Generation Agency of Farmington, enjoys golf, fishing, the Adirondacks, ice fishing, and the Red Soxs. Pictured left to right are sponsor Mike Shiller, Kevin McGlynn, and Rotarian Mark Sheppard. Kevin McGlynn Induction Dec 4, 2014 New Member Kevin McGlynn.
Our Club recently welcomed 5 members of the Geneva Rotary Club. Pictured below left to right are Past President Jim DeVaney, Past President Phil Beckley, our Club President Mary Green, President Elect John Watson, Geneva Club President Kelly LaVoie, and Membership Chair John Oughterson. Geneva Club Visitors Dec 4, 2014 Some of the Geneva Club members visited our Club.
He has moved back to the area recently to join family in the Newark area. Pictured below left to right are sponsor Dan Kelley, Mark Hannon, and Club President Mary Green: Mark Hannon Induction Nov 20, 2014 New Member gets inducted.
Jim Hallabaugh was inducted again. He hails from Circleville Ohio following 36 years with the JC Penney Company, and 29-year member of their noon club. Jim also brings with him his Paul Harris Fellowship. Jim Hallabaugh Induction Oct 30, 2014 New member is inducted again.
Jack-O-Lanterns patiently waiting for their owners while the kids parade through the Canandaigua Downtown Business District. 2014 Pumpkin Carving Oct 25, 2014 Downtown Commons Park is host to Pumkins
Terry is originally from Bloomfield and was motivated by Rotary to pursue his love for wrestling. He now has a career as wrestling coach for the Marcus Whitman schools. Pictured left to right is sponsor and Past Club President Jack Moran with Terry Lucero. Terry Lucero Induction Oct 23, 2014 Terry Lucero inducted into the Club
Pictured from the Lancaster-Depew Rotary Club were our guests. Pictured: John 2014 Lancaster-Depew Visitors Oct 16, 2014 Guests from the West
Jean Logan honored 3 people with Paul Harris awards to Sue Hawkes, Linda Case and Tom Herbik. Pictured are Pastor Herbik, Sue Hawkes, Linda Case, Jean Logan, and Club President Mary Green Jean Logan Gives Paul Harris Award Oct 9, 2014 Jean gave her Paul Harris credits to deserving citizens.
Your pleasure? Outdoor or indoor seating. 2014 Club Picnic Oct 4, 2014 Hosted by President Mary & Kirby Green
Slightly shy of his first year of membership Jeff Praino was inducted as a Paul Harris Fellow. President Mary Green congrats Jeff. 2014 October Paul Harris Award Oct 2, 2014 Paul Harris Award presented to Jeff Praino
Canandaigua Rotary members with Mt. Tremblant group Mt. Tremblant, Quebec, 2014 Sep 28, 2014 Rotary Club International exchange with Mt. Tremblant. Canada
Len Kane was congratulated for his 50 years of service to the Club. He was also honored with a pin for 46 years of perfect attendance. Len was Club president during the 1971-72 year, a Paul Harris honoree in 1990, and a permanent Club Honorary Member. Len Kane Turns 50 Sep 11, 2014 Len Completes 50 Yrs of Service
He recently served at the Marcellus, NY United Methodist before transferring to the Canandaigua First United Methodist Church in July. He and his wife Penny have three grown sons. 2014 Lee Williams Induction Sep 4, 2014 Rev Lee Williams joins Club
Dick McGavern, left, presents Dick Sayers with a special award for going above and beyond for his terrific management of the Putting Green. Yep the take was exceptional too. 2014 Pier Festival Aug 9, 2014 Canandaigua Rotary Club hosts the annual Pier Festival on August 9th & 10th, coupled with the Riesling Festival.
The 2014-15 theme is Light-Up-Rotary, celebrated by this cake which didn't last long. August Evening Meeting Aug 7, 2014 Club meets at Canandaigua Country Club
Rotary’s District 7120 Governor, Scott MacDonell, visited our Club with words of excitement and motivation for the upcoming year. The theme that was stressed was Light Up Rotary. Pictured is DG Scott MacDonell at the podium. Scott MacDonell DG Visits Jul 17, 2014 DG kicks off this year's theme.
The Rochester Deaf Rotary Club recently celebrated its tenth anniversary honoring Jim Holden PDG, PP, for his extra help in getting going with a special 'Uncle Jim' cap. Rochester Club for the Deaf Honors Our Club Jul 17, 2014 Rochester Rotary Club for the Deaf honors our Club.
Ms. Donhauser has been involved with many organizations such as Happiness House, St. Mary’s Church, Canandaigua Comfort Care Home, and Polar Plunge, to name a few. Pictured are President Mary Green and Marge. Non-Rotarian of the Year Jul 10, 2014 Marge Donhauser named Rotarian of the Year
The parade starts to roll, with Jack, Fred Magley, Kathi Nevin carrying Old Glory, and Joe Kardesh. July 4th Parade Jul 4, 2014 Our Club's participation in the Canandaigua July 4th parade was fun. We even won an award, CLICK and see the album!
Non-Rotarian Sandie Rogers, wife of DGE Tom receives her Paul Harris Fellowship Award. June Paul Harris Awards Jun 26, 2014 For Service Above Self awards Click on.
And the food was good too. Change Over Dinner Jun 26, 2014 The Change over dinner was held under the tent at the NYS Wine & Culinary Center.
Even in the summer the Club's conscientious board meets to discuss important matters. June Board Meeting Jun 26, 2014 Hard Working board members.
Steve Tobin, left, is congratulated by RJ Pietropaolo, Club President on rejoining after a brief absence. 2014 June Inductions Jun 19, 2014 Jim Johnson and Steve Tobin are inducted
Principle Tenney described Jacob as a visionary, good worker, Student Body President,, involved in student government during his high school years. Jacob also organized the NYS Council on Leadership spending countless hours with students, teachers, and administrators to help turn ideas into actions. Student of the Year Jun 19, 2014 Jacob Braniecki selected as the Canandaigua Academy Student of the Year.
Vocational Award: Sheriff Phil Povero was honored for his dedication to serving the public for many years and supporting programs like the Ontario County Youth Court, Child Advocacy Program, Finger Lakes Law Enforcement Academy, and Stop DWI to mention a few. 4_Way Test Awards Jun 19, 2014 Recipients John Thompson, Al Walker, Len Kane, Sheriff Povero are honored. Click on the album to read the details.
Past President's Day 2014 May 15, 2014 Pictures taken at the Past President's Day Luncheon held on May 15, 2014. The event was lead by Immediate Past President, Greg Gullo. Past Presidents Janet Tenreiro and Stephen Uebbing headed up the fine collections, with all money being donated to the future Canandaigua Comfort Care Home. The Canandaigua Rotary Club raised over $3500 at the luncheon for the CCC Home. An outstanding job was done by everyone in attendance.
The Canandaigua Rotaract Club updated their activities to our Club and noted appreciated our support. Pictured are just some club members, their adviser, and our President RJ. 2014 Rotaract Club Apr 24, 2014 Rotaract Club updates our Club.
Background: how a spare is made. Can you guess who the mystery man is from the backside? Some unidentified lady identified the bowler as our Doug Lowden. Hmmm. Rotary-Kiwanis Bowl-A-Thon Apr 20, 2014 Challenge games and fund raising at its best.
Anders receives awarded for placing 2nd in the Rotary Oratorical Contest from Dave Hutchings. Anders was also recently accepted to the Eastman School of Music.. Oratorical Winner Apr 10, 2014 Anders Namesnik wins the 2nd place Oratorical Contest.
Marty Potter ready to distribute the lap robes. Vets Honor Flight #33 Returns Apr 6, 2014 The Club was a sponsor of this trip and lap robes that were given to each returning vet at the north concourse of the Rochester airport.
Rotarian Janet Tenreiro explains to the students what Rotary is all about, leaving behind a laminate of the 4-Way Test. Dictionary Distribution Mar 28, 2014 The Club distributed approximately 250 dictionaries to Canandaigua Elementary 3rd grade students.
The Club donated funds to the Girl Scout Troop to help Josie make this project possible. Girl Scout Gold Award Donation Mar 20, 2014 Gold Award fitness project is planned by Red Jacket Senior at Gateway Trail, Manchester.
Revelers Dave Korpiel, Juliette, stand-ins' Rhoda Childs and Jeff Anthony, and Bob Palumbo. St Patty's Day Mar 16, 2014 Rotarians and Juliette celebrating St. Patty's Day
Foundation Chair Ken Poole, President RJ, and Nancy VanApledorn, from Lap Robes for Veterans receives check. Lap Robe Donation & Gifts Mar 13, 2014 Lap Robe Program for veterans receives Rotary donation.
Scenes from Titantic. Canandaigua Academy Players Mar 6, 2014 CA Players perform scenes from this year's play Titantic.
The 25% cash pot that week was an all time high due to all the interest in the final drawing. That ticket holder was smiling Doug Lowden, who also was presented with a plaque, and a new special deck of cards that were allegedly made up of just Jokers. 50/50 Joker Ends With a Pair of Plaques Mar 6, 2014 Elusive and very unusual how the 50/50 Joker played out...
Tim and Sandy Reed have become RI newest benefactors. There are several ways to become a patron through one’s will, or an outright gift, and applied to the World Fund, or the District Shared Fund, or the Rotary Centers. Contact a member of the Benefactor or Foundation Committee(ies) for details. March Benefactors Mar 6, 2014 Tim & Sandy Reed are the newest RI benefactors.
Paul Miller is the Director of the Literacy Volunteers of Ontario and Yates Counties. 2014 March Induction Mar 6, 2014 Paul Miller is inducted.
Rotary donated $5000 seed money to the Canandaigua Centennial Endowment Fund. Pictured are Byron Delavan, RJ Pietropaolo Jr, Bruce Kennedy, and Dick McGavern. Centennial Endowment Feb 12, 2014 Rotary donates seed money to the Canandaigua Centennial Endowment Fund.
At the Jan 30 2014 Club meeting, District Governor Ellen Hughes announced that our Tom Rogers has been selected as the DGE for 2016-2017. It was also revealed that Tom will be the 10th DG from our Club. Pictured are DG Ellen Hughes, Tom and his wife Sandy. District Governor Elect Jan 30, 2014 District Governor Elect goes to....
Moose Master stand-in, Peter Hienrich, presents a very, very rare (probably one-of-a-kind) moose to President RJ, celebrating our last meeting at the Moose Club. Moose Masters Jan 30, 2014 The Club's last Moose meeting.
And... the other 50/25 (cash $201) goes to Zoe Fackleman. What?! Accepting for Zoe is Roco Pietropaolo? Such a deal! Joker Hold Out Jan 23, 2014 Elusive Joker was the last card out of the deck.
Canandaigua Academy participant Anders Namesnik, who placed 2nd! 2014 District Oratorical Contest Jan 19, 2014 Rotary sponsors 2 local students
Tim, President RJ, and Sandy Reed celebrate their Paul Harris Award. Tim & Sandy Reed Jan 9, 2014 Paul Harris Award
Rotary President RJ Pietropaolo and Celeste Foster, Kiwanis President, in a rare photo op. 2014 Rotary-Kiwanis Meeting Jan 9, 2014 Annual Joint Meeting
Happy Holidays and many thanks to everyone for making our December 2013 Holiday Dinner a success!  Good things happen when a community comes together. 2013 Holiday Dinner Dec 25, 2013
Sharon Pepper at Ryans. 2013 Bell Ringers, some Dec 21, 2013 Rotary Bell Ringers were out in force.
Mike Kenyon receives his Rotary credentials. 2013 Dec Induction Dec 19, 2013 Mike Kenyon Induction
Different Canandaigua Academy groups performed difficult Christmas numbers very well. Great to have seen and heard! CA Choruses Perform Dec 12, 2013 Canandaigua Academy choruses perform for the Club.
Pres RJ congratulates Jack Moran on his #8 Paul Harris Fellowship Award. 2013 Nov Paul Harris Award Nov 21, 2013 Jack Moran received #8
A few Rotarians join in welcoming the Senecas. Welcoming Committee Nov 14, 2013 Welcoming committee greets Indian party.
This princess and friends were out and about on Halloween. Does anyone know who the princess is? She dropped a glass slipper -- Halloween Oct 31, 2013 Halloween Apparition - Does anyone recognize the princess?
Pumpkins are ready for surgery. How Many are there of them? Pumpkins Oct 26, 2013 Pumpkins Ready for Surgery.
Lt Jim Brennan from the Salvation Army was inducted into our Club on Oct 17, 2013. Shown are Lt Brennan, President RJ, and Janet T. 2013 Oct Inductions Oct 24, 2013 Lt Jim Brennan is Inducted
Kerri Buch is congratulated by President RJ, and sponsored by Matt Hoose. Sept Inductees Sep 26, 2013 Kerri Buch and Jeff Praino are inducted
District Gov Ellen Hughes visits our Club, and was welcomed by President RJ. 2013 District Governor Visits Jul 18, 2013 District Governor Ellen Hughes Visits our Club.
Rotary float on a roll July 4th Parade Jul 4, 2013 Many Rotarians turned out for the largest Canandaigua parade in history.
President Greg pins President RJ Change Over Jun 27, 2013 President Greg Gullo turns over the Club to President RJ Pietropaolo.
Some of the 50 members of the Canandaigua Academy Robotic Team. Robot TANX 3003 Wins Award Jun 27, 2013 CA Robot team assembles award winning 1st Place out of 54 at RIT competition.
Barb Wolf with President Greg, her son Jim Wolf and his wife. Barb Wolf, Paul Harris Fellow Jun 27, 2013 Accompanist and Lay Minister receives the Paul Harris Fellow Award.
Rotarian of the Year Steve Smythe's family receiving the award on Steve's behalf. June 4-Way Test Awards Jun 20, 2013 June 20 Awards went to Rosemary St.Denis, Preston Pierce, June Middlebrook, Mark Prunoske, and Steve Smythe.
Adopt A Highway Jun 13, 2013 2013 Adopta A Highway
Cat Spare shares comparison of foods from Holland and the U.S. 2013 Outbound Exchange Student May 30, 2013 Outbound Exchange Student Katherine Spare shares her Holland experience.
Jim Rayburn, Roco Pietropaolo, Lloyd Lill, Janet Renreiro, and Scott Kesel at the pickup station. 2013 Ziti Dinner May 22, 2013 Ziti dinner crews were busy again this year with about 400 to 450 servings including takeouts.
The Club recently donated $500 plus a four-year pledge of $2000 each year to be used for special equipment and special events. Pictured are Heather Pawlak receiving the Rotary Club check from Rhoda Childs. Canandaigua Academy Career Center Apr 25, 2013 Club donates to the CACC
Pictured are busy like elves Chris Hubler on the left and Rick Kaufman on the right. Reforestation for 2013 Arbor Day Apr 25, 2013 A Team of 15 to 20 Canandaigua Rotarians and their families helped re-package about 1,000 evergreen trees for distribution
New member Amiee Ward, Sponsor Kathy Nevin, Sponsor Al Walker, new member Dan Kelly. March Inductees Mar 28, 2013 Four New Inductees; more new members inside.
"Legally Blonde" Players Mar 7, 2013 Canandaigua Academy players presented sketches from their upcoming "Legally Blonde" play.
Rotaract Presentation Yale Rotaract Traning Center Mar 1, 2013 Yale Rotaract Starts Vocational Training Center in India.
Jim Rayburn is congratulated by President Greg Gullo, with Kim Sorel to the right. Feb Inductees Feb 28, 2013 Kim Sorel and Jim Rayburn are Inducted
that was used for collections in different locations. The sneakers were distributed all over the world, using various connections and spaces on international containers. (continued) Golden Plated Sneaker Award Feb 28, 2013 A special Gold Plated Sneaker Award was presented by the Canandaigua Rotary Club to Past District Governor Jim Holden for his dedication and persistence to the project for nearly ten years. The project was an effort to recycle used sneakers to less fortunate people of the world to help curb disease. Many Rotarians plus many young Rotaract & Interact Clubs collected the sneakers. Various Club members helped build a Sneaker Mobile, shown in the picture inside, (continued)
Nancy Van Apeldoorn shows one of the robes. Robes for Veterans Program Feb 14, 2013 Robes for Veterans is a project of the Rochester American Sewing Guild
Is that an official Bullwinkle Moose hat President Greg? Moose Club Indoctrination Feb 7, 2013 Our first meeting at the Moose Club
Bev, Tom, and Jack. Not pictured: Steve Flamini, Stephanie Hessler, Sharon Pepper, Joe DelForte, Jodi and Rick Kaufman, Mark Vahey, Kathy Nevin, and Barb Fuge. Rotarians Helping The Granger Feb 6, 2013 Rotarians labor over The Granger's Loaf & Ladle.
Canandaigua Rotary and Kiwanis Club joint meeting heard CNB President Frank Hamlin. 2012 Joint Rotary Kiwanis Mtg Jan 8, 2013 Canandaigua Rotary and Kiwanis Club joint meeting heard CNB President Frank Hamlin.
Caroline is mesmerized. 2012 Rich The Magic Man Dec 27, 2012 Rich the Magic Man Entertains the Young at Heart. (The CA Jazz Ensemble was also to perform but was snowed out due to 24" of the white stuff.)
The carolers sure knew their tunes and their verses! 2012 Christmas Dinner Dec 25, 2012 The public Christmas dinner was held from 12:30 to 2:30.
Pres Greg Gullo, Dist Gov Gavin Hurley, Ellen Polimeni, and recipient Father Mull 2012 Nov Paul Harris Inductees Nov 8, 2012 Three new Paul Harris Inductees
A great turnout at Commons Park, Canandaigua. 2012 Pumpkin Carving Oct 27, 2012 Pumpkins are a real cut up at the Commons Park
The Plaque mounted on the large rock. 2012 Outhouse Park Oct 6, 2012 Outhouse Park Assembly Work, Plantings and Dedication
Large group and engaged. 2012 Picnic Sep 30, 2012 Picnic at Bristol Mountain
Theresa Fantone and Bob Matson were inducted on Sept 20, 2012. 2012 Sept Inductees Sep 20, 2012 Theresa Fontone and Bob Matson
New teachers for Fall of 2012 at Canandaigua Academy. 2012 New Teachers Aug 30, 2012 New Teachers at CA
Bev Cartwright, left, sponsors Kathi Nevin. 2012 August Inductees Aug 23, 2012 Kathi Nevin and Jen Barlow Inducted
His 3rd P-H Award, a CA graduate of 1942, served in the US Navy during WW II, retired from Victor Central Schools after 37 years. He has been married to his wife Anne for 60 years, have four children and eight grandchildren. 2012 Aug Paul Harris Award Aug 16, 2012 Dick Joseph received his 3rd Paul Harris Award
Welcome Sign 2012 Pier Festival Pics Aug 11, 2012 Pier Festival 2012 pictures of fun and games
Pier signage and sponsors at entrance. 2012 Pier Festival Sponsors Aug 11, 2012 Great sponsors for a great community event
District Governor Gavin Hurley addressed the Club in Aug 2012 DG Hurley Addresses Aug 9, 2012 District Governor Gavin Hurley addressed the Club in Aug
Past President Jeff Anthony receives the Paul Harris Fellowship Award Plus 1. Jeff Anthony Receives Paul Harris +1 Jul 26, 2012 Past President Jeff Anthony receives the Paul Harris Fellowship Award Plus 1.
Mary Potter receives the Outstanding Service Award for her due diligence of treasure this past year. Mary Potter receives Outstanding Service Award Jul 26, 2012 Mary Potter receives Outstanding Service Award
President Greg with Gus Sainsbury under the umbrella, and Al Walker riding shotgun. 2012 July 4th Parade Jul 4, 2012 July 4th Parade down Main St
President Jeff flanked by new Paul Harris recipients Marty Potter and Rhoda Childs. 2012 June Paul Harris Award Jun 28, 2012 Marty Potter and Rhoda Childs receive Paul Harris Award
Jack Moran being pinned by President Jeff 2012 June Paul Harris Awards Jun 21, 2012 Two more receive multiple Paul Harris Fellows
The 'Ziti Brothers' none other than Don O'neill and Pete Heinrich! 2012 Most Valuable Rotarian Jun 21, 2012 The Most Valuable Rotarian Award went to the 'Ziti Brothers'
Pictured are Rhoda Childs, Stephanie Hessler, and John Spare. Inductee Stephanie of Geneva has two boys and is involved in Little League and Youth baseball. 2012 June New Inductee Jun 21, 2012 Stephanie Hessler is Inducted
Jack accepting the Award from PDG Jim Holden. Pictured L-R: Jenny Goodemote, Gehrig Lohrman, PDG Jim Holden (seated), Jane Holden, Rhoda Childs (seated), Joe Kardash, and Len Kane. 2012 Rotarian of the Year Award Jun 21, 2012 Rotarian of the Year: Jack Kellogg
  2012 4-Way Test Awards Jun 14, 2012 Non-Rotarian Award went to James Ingalls, posthumously; Volunteer Award went to Helen Meyers; Rookie Rotarian went to Bev Cartwright; Vocational Service Award went to Don Raw.
So it goes, the're all these recycled ties, and ... 2012 Presidents Day Jun 7, 2012 Past Presidents Day was enjoyed by all, with over $3000 collected. What's with the ties?
President Jeff, Debbie Casella, Chamber President/CEO Alison Grems, Chamber Board President Bill Fuge presenting award Chamber-Rotary Small Business Person of the Year Apr 26, 2012 Lafayette Restaurant Debbie Casella is Awarded
Rotary sent 150 food items in 10 boxes to United Way for the 2012 Day of Caring. Marty Potter did the heavy work again! 2012 Day of Caring Apr 19, 2012 Ten food boxes of 150 items donated.
President Jeff and DG Elect Gavin. 2012 District Assembly Apr 14, 2012 District Assembly was held in Canandaigua
Sponsor Terri Hall and Stephanie Kunes-Mincer March Inductees Mar 22, 2012 March inductees were Stephanie Kunes-Mincer and Martha Herbik
Steve Smythe, Jimmy Cramer and his Mother. Jimmy won and progresses to the Brockport finals. Oratorical Contest Mar 15, 2012 Oratorical Contestants move up to Brockport
Academy Players Mar 8, 2012 Academy Players presented the Club with exerts from "All Shook Up"
Entertainment was provided by the 'Reverened Mother' Valentines Day Dinner Feb 14, 2012 Joint dinner with Red Jacket club and spouses and guests. Entertainment by 'Reverened Mother'
Inductee Dennis Behr with sponsor Sharon Pepper February Inductee Feb 9, 2012 February 2012 Inductee Denis Behr
Club check is being received by Camp Board President Joe Kardish from President Jeff Anthony. Camp Onseyawa Donation Feb 9, 2012 Club Donates to Camp Onseyawa
New member group shot with Jenny, Mark, and Sal. Missing from this picture is Robert. January Inductees Jan 12, 2012 Four new members join Rotary in January
Dr Ben Gullo receives his 3rd Paul Harris Fellowship from President Jeff. Jan Paul Harris Award Jan 12, 2012 Paul Harris Awarded to Ben Gullo
President Jeff gearing up. 2012 Joint Meeting Jan 5, 2012 Jan Joint Rotary-Kiwanis Meeting
Rick the Magician Man turns a boy into a magic man and a girl into a rabbit. Rick the Magician Man Dec 29, 2011 Youth Day was enhanced by Rick the Magician with the help of some of the younger attendees.
The Canandaigua Academy Jazz Ensemble performed at the Steamboat Landing Restaurant. Its director Tom Davis rehearsed the ensemble, but during the performance he played along with the students. Yes, the students were that good that they could stay synchronized without a conductor in front of them. 2011 Youth Day Dec 29, 2011 CA Jazz Ensemble Performs
Heidi Solimine & Becky Loy 2011 Bell Ringers Dec 16, 2011 Salvation Army Bell Ringers around town
Mike Stapleton from Thompson Health joins Rotary. 2011 New Member Mike Stapleton Dec 8, 2011 Mike Stapleton joins Rotary
Canandaigua Academy Choirs sing Christmas songs for Rotary, with a bonus of the theme from Hawaii Five-0. 2011 CA Choir Sings Out Dec 8, 2011 CA Choirs sing for Rotary
Tom Rogers gives thanks for his new Paul Harris Plus 4 on Dec 1, 2011. 2011 Paul Harris Plus Dec 1, 2011 Dec 2011 new Paul Harris Plus 4
3rd Grade class students enthusiastic about their own personal dictionaries. 2011 Dictonaries Nov 22, 2011 Dictionaries distributed to elementary school students by 9 Rotarians.
Jack Moran receives his 6th Paul Harris Fellow Award from President Jeff Anthony. 2011 New Paul Harris Inductees Nov 9, 2011 New Paul Harris Fellows Inducted at Dinner
Sneaker Mobile-5 2011 Sneaker Mobile Oct 6, 2011 Sneaker Mobile Refurbishment
The American Red Cross accepts check for over $1000. Pictured are Jack Moran, Taryn Windheim (Red Cross), and President Jeff Anthony. 2011 Red Cross Sep 22, 2011 Check for the American Red Cross
Festival sign with a slant 2011 Pier Festival Aug 13, 2011 Best ever Pier Festival
Gary Francis unloading all those water bottles District 7120 Water Project Jul 25, 2011 Case of 24 19.9 oz bottles for $9.00 plus $1.20 deposit or $10.20. See any District Water and Sanitation Committee member or call Judy Bennett or Paul Minor @ 585-208-0054.
Cori Zerfas Cori Zerfas Jul 21, 2011 Cori Zerfas, the Rotary Ambassadorial Scholar, addresses the July 21, 2011 Canandaigua meeting.
Julia Lafuente Exchange Student 2011-2012 Jul 8, 2011 Julia, our exchange student and information
Carole and Gary Francis receive the Rookie Rotarians of the Year Award Rookie Rotarian of the Year Jul 7, 2011 Rookie Rotarian of the Year Award
A flag bearer requires character 2011 July 4th Parade Jul 4, 2011 Lots of pictures of the famous and not so famous
Gary and Carole Francis receive the Paul Harris Fellow Award for their hard work. June Paul Harris Fellow Award Jun 30, 2011 Paul Harris Fellow Award
Tom Rogers receives Rotarian of the Year, and is accompanied by his family. Rotarian of the Year Jun 30, 2011 Rotarian of the Year Tom Rogers
Julian, brother Adrian, dad Ulrich, mom Marion Julian's Family Jun 23, 2011 Julian's Family Photo
4 Way Test Winner Ellen Polimeni June 23 4 Way Test Awards Meeting Jun 23, 2011 June 23 4 Way Test Awards Meeting
Vice Principal Patrick Case on being a BRAVE June 16 2011 Meeting Jun 16, 2011 Student of Excellence Awards, Maj. Donna Ginter Paul Harris & several multiple Paul Harris Awards
The ticket team May 2011 Ziti Dinner May 25, 2011 Ziti Dinner pictures
Mary Potter +2, Jack Moran +5, and Rick Hawks +7 receive their Paul Harris Awards. May 2011 Paul Harris Awards May 12, 2011 May 12, 2011 Paul Harris Recipients
Jim Johnson receives the Rotary-Chamber Business Person of the Year Award with Brian Kolb presenting Rotary-Chamber Sm Business Person of the Yr May 12, 2011 James Johnson: Small Business Person of the Year
New members Heidi Solimine, Dr. Al Walker, and Jill Peek May 2011 New Members May 12, 2011 New Member Induction
GSE Team left to right: John Spare, Becky Loy, Preston Pierce, Charlie Goodwin, Judy Bennett, Jean Logan, and President Linda Collins. Club GSE Team May 5, 2011 Canandaigua Club GSE Team
Gary with GSE team Gary Francis with 7120 GSE Team Apr 16, 2011 Pictures of Gary with District 7120 GSE team in Veracruz, Mexico
Left to Right: Tim Edwards, new member Lindsey Harter, John Spare, Mark Shepard, new member Patty Miskell, Karen Sprentall, new member Carol Zimmerman, new member Paul Miller, and Tricia Cary. April 14, 2011 New Members Apr 14, 2011 New Member Induction
Mary Potter loaded with 10 boxes of food donations and ready to roll. 2011 Food Donation Apr 14, 2011 Day of Caring food donation.
Howie Jacobson and President Linda Mar 2011 Paul Harris Honorary Mar 17, 2011 March 2011 Paul Harris Honorary Award
Musical Preview Mar 3 Meeting Mar 3, 2011 Induction, Academy Musical Preview
Paul Minor & Judy Bennett Dominican Republic Visit by Paul & Judy Feb 15, 2011 Paul Minor & Judy Bennett's visit to the Dominican Republic
Rocco Family on Paul Harris day Paul Harris for Rocco Feb 3, 2011 Paul Harris for Rocco.
Captain Bob Ginter and President Linda Collins Rotary Wins Back Trophy Jan 13, 2011 Rotary wins back the Salvation Army Bell Ringing Trophy for Christmas 2010
Dec 30 Ken Poole receives Paul Harris Award Dec 30, 2010 Ken Poole receives Paul Harris Award
Large Turn Out 2010 Christmas Dinner Dec 25, 2010 Christmas Dinner at Canandaigua Academy 2010
Matt Hoose being inducted Dec 23, 2010 Induction Dec 23, 2010 New member induction
Clauses and a visitor Santa's Visit Dec 16, 2010 Santa isn't just for kids
Holding that note. Canandaigua Academy Chorus Dec 9, 2010 Canandaigua Academy Chorus Sings
Joe Delforte Jr Dec Paul Harris Recipients Dec 2, 2010 December 2010 Paul Harris Recipients
Becky Loy Presentation Nov 18, 2010 Becky Loy Presentation
Nov 11 Induction Nov 11, 2010 Nov 11 Induction
New Paul Harris Awards at Paul Harris Dinner Nov 4, 2010 Some new Paul Harris people
Pumpkin Carving Oct 23, 2010 Pumpkin Carving
Congratulations!! Rotary Scholarship Winner Sep 22, 2010 Rotary Scholarship Winner, Elisha Snow, with Janet and Joe
New Rotarians Aug 5 Induction Meeting Aug 5, 2010 Induction and Dirt Racing Talk
Messenger Parade Article July 4 Parade Jul 4, 2010 July 4 parade
Ziti Dinner 2010 May 27, 2010 Canandaigua Rotary 2010 Ziti Dinner
Guest Speaker, Mr. Boike Friends of Rotary Apr 29, 2010 Guest Speaker, Mr Boike and Past president, Jim Holden
March 4 meeting Mar 4, 2010 March 4 meeting
One of the Oratory presenters! Canandaigua Student Oratory awards Feb 25, 2010 Students, Nikole Blowers and Morgan Macklin, get presented awards
Valentine Dinner 2010 Feb 12, 2010 Valentine Dinner Party
Feb 4 meeting Feb 4, 2010 Photos from Feb 4 meeting
Jan 28 Meeting Feb 1, 2010 Jan 28 Meeting
Assorted Jan Pictures Jan 30, 2010 Pictures from various meetings before Jan 28
Christmas Dinner 2009 Preparations Dec 25, 2009 Volunteers preparing the food and table settings for the Rotary 2009 Christmas meal.
Chorus Christmas 2009 party & concert Dec 17, 2009 Academy Chorus performance, Santa's visit, Joker Draw Check presentation.
Meeting 12/10/09 Dec 10, 2009 New Member induction, Paul Harris award to Tom Rogers
Pumpkin Carving 2009 Oct 24, 2009 Pumpkin Carving at the Elk's Club
Cooking crew Club Picnic 2009 Sep 27, 2009 Pictures from Picnic at Greg Gullo's
More Club Picnic Sep 27, 2009 A great picnic...mixed weather..thank you Johanna & Greg.
Barbara Broderick and parents CA Student Awards of Excellence Aug 20, 2009 Barbara Broderick, Micheal Macri and families
Mary Green introduces Rotary Jackpot Drawing Grand prize winner, Marty Potter! Meeting at Granger Homestead, Aug.20 Aug 20, 2009 Introduction of Jackpot drawing winner, Introduction of new CA teachers, Visiting Rotarian from California.
President Jack and Ann Pier Festival 8-15-2009 Aug 15, 2009 Canandaigua Rotary Pier Festival 2009
4 new Rotarians inducted... Aug 13, 2009 3 told about their past...1 his future!
Granger Homestead Presentation-Trish Carey Aug 13, 2009 Rotarian, Trish Carey presented an overview of Granger Homestead. Available for weddings, parties, and meetings. What is not available.
Bill Patrowicz, founder of WarriorWorks, WarriorWorks founder speaks to the Club Aug 6, 2009 WarriorWorks helps veterans go from Wounded Warriors to Successful Citizens
Marty Muehe, son of former Rotarian Bob Muehe, receives the pendant and lapel pin from our President, Jack Moran to become Rotarys Rotary fotos Aug 6, 2009 Martin E. Muehe receives Paul Harris Award
Canandaigua Rotarian Becky Loy reports on the Club sponsored Project Childbith in Tibet.The project has supplied an ambulance, medical supplies, and birth sanitation packs to improve the birthing environment.  First year statistics excellent. Becky Loy reports on Project Childbirth in Tibet Jul 30, 2009 Canandaigua Rotarian Becky Loy reports on the Club sponsored Project Childbirth in Tibet. The project has supplied an ambulance, medical equipment, and birth sanitation packs to improve the birth environment. Statistics better in first year.
41 years for Len Kane, presented by Janet Perfect attendance 2009 Jul 9, 2009 A few photos from perfect attendance presentations
Our rotary contingent July 4 parade Jul 4, 2009 the rotary contingent!
Plague and rose from rotary garden Joe Delforte Sr. Sonnenberg Rose garden dedication Jun 15, 2009 Pictures from dedication
The Team! Rotary/Kiwanis 1st Annual Softball game Jun 14, 2009 See the Rotary team in action!
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