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Album Name: 2016 Nov Evening Social Return to Albums
Album Date: Nov 17, 2016
Description: A Social late in the afternoon was held in lieu of the noon meeting.
(click an image to enlarge and start a slide show)
The Receiving Table Co-Chair was filled by our top sheep shearer Tim reed. Al Walker, Marty Muehe, Melissa and Joe Delforte enjoy some conversation. Andy Platou, Pete Mulvaney, Phil Esce, John Spare, and Rod Smith enjoy the food. Charlie Parkhurst and Chris Hubler sharing a story. Fixin's galore!
Desserts and then some! Desserts? Did someone say desserts? Ed Varno, Donna Cator, and Mike Shiller enjoy some of that foamy ice tea(?). Fred Magley, Gloria Dancause, Kathi Nevin, and Donna Miller patiently wait for a refill. Gloria Dancause, Karen Sprentall, and Bill Hallett.
Mike Rusinko from the Geneva Club with Jody Kaufman. Joe Kardash and Bill Fuge (Barb's husband). Host John Berndt with two dashing employees. Marty Potter, Carin and George Herren, John Berndt, Bill and Barb Fuge. Marty Potter, Pete Mulvaney, Doug Lowden, and Ken Poole.
Rick Hawks, Greg Gullo, Doug Lowden and Barb Fuge couldn't pass up the food. Sandy Reed, Marty Potter, Preston Pierce, Mark and Bonnie Vahey. Tom Harradine, and Dave Cook. Is it the envelopes that make them really happy? George and Carin Herren, Ed Varno, Barb Fuge. Jay Dutcher and Rick Hawks planning their strategy.
Guest Linda Hawks and Dick McGavern. Stella, Brian Dennis, and Marty Muehe. Anna and Brian Dennis with multi-hats Mom, Mayor and Club President Ellen Polimeni. Bell of the Ball, Sandy and Dick McGavern.