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Website Help - Uploading Photos
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Instructions for uploading event photos 


Before you start it is best to use your image editing software to look at and resize your photos to a width of 500 pixels.  Any images that are not of sufficient quality you might consider not keeping. When you are done, it is best to have all your photos with names like somename.jpg in a handy folder on your computer, as you will be having to browse to these photos in step 5 below.


If you do not have a image editor, a good free one is Irfanview


1. Go to www.canandaiguarotary.org , scroll down to and click on the Administration Login link and sign in with your email and password.


2. On the next page, click on Canandaigua Rotary


3. On the left menu, click on Event Photos which should bring you to a page with a red menu at the top where you can click on Maintain Gallery


4. To add an album, click on Add an Album, and on the next page, give your Album a descriptive name, select a date, and most likely leave the checkbox to display on the public menu checked. Then click on the Add Album button and your album should display, minus a Representative photo.


5. To add a photo, click on Manage Photos. On the next screen click on Add a Photo, then browse to the photo location on your computer, and k on Open. Add a date and a short caption, then click on Add photo.


6. Repeat step (5) for all the photos in the album.


7. The last thing is to add a Representative photo. To do this clcik on the cancel/return button and then on the Update Album Info link.


8. In the next windo, in the Representative Image box, click the little down arrow, and select an image that represents your album, and click Update Album.


That's it. Click on Return to website and you will see the album as part of the gallery.