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For members...

Administration Login
Website Help - Uploading a pdf file
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Instructions for adding a pdf file to the website.

These are the steps you need to follow if you have a pdf document that you want to display on the website.

1. Log in as Administrator on www.canandaiaguarotary.org using the Administration Login link at the bottem of the menu on the left.

2. After entering your password, click on the Canandaigua Rotary link. This should get you to the website editing page that shows a red menu at the top. If you do not see the red menu at the top, contact Clark Kurtz or Phil Esce who can make sure you have proper site priviliges.

The next thing you need to do is navigate to the page where you would like to place a link to your pdf file. For this example, we will assume you wanted to place a .pdf finance report in the Committee Info section of members-only section of the website. So

3.  Click on the For Members link at the bottom left of the navigation menu

4. Click on the Committee Info link

5. Click on the Finance link

You have now arrived at the page on which you wish to place your link, so

6. Click on the "edit this page" link at the very right of the top red menu.

You are now on a page that you can add or delete information. Using your enter key moves to a new paragraph, using your backspace key will delete, just like in a word processor.

7. Put your cursor where you want to place your link and type in the description such as October 2013 Report

8. Drag your cursor over the description you just wrote to highlight it.

9. At the top you will see a little chain link icon and a broken link icon. Click the chain link icon which opens the link editing window.

10. Just to the right of the Link URL textbox, there is a small browse icon. Click on that, and an upload file dialog appears.

11. Click on the browse button and browse to the pdf file on your computer, find the file, click on it to highlight it, and click on Open

12. Click the upload button and then the Insert button.

Now all you have to do is Save your page and publish it, so

13. Click the Save button at the bottom of your page.

14. In the top red menu, click on My Pages

15. Scroll down that page and you should find the page you are working out and see that it is checked out by yourself. So click the Publish link and you are  finished. 

You should now be able to find the results of your hard work on the website.

13. Save the Page?