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About Rotary - Youth Exchange
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Canandaigua Rotary

District 7120



Hosting an exchange student can be a wonderful experience. It allows a host family to become familiar with another culture and to introduce our culture to the student. Youth Exchange promises to enrich the lives of the student and every member of your family. Every year Rotary International hosts thousands of students across the United States; in our district more than 20 area students spend a school year in another county and the same number are students here. You will meet many of them at various exchange student functions.



Rotary will assign a student to your family for 1/3 of the school year, although first families usually keep their student past the Christmas Holiday. Canandaigua Rotary will assign three families for each student. All we ask is that you treat your exchange student as you would treat your own and introduce him/her to your way of life. They are not royalty nor are they servants; they are teenagers who have the privilege of living with you and you with them. You are however, their legal parents during their stay.


One of our exchange students, Luisa-Xuan Xu from Vienna, Austria:



Our other exchange student, Angelo Coeita from Sicily:




Do I have to be a Rotarian? No.

Am I responsible for their expenses? They are responsible for personal expenses and receive a $ 75 per month allowance from Rotary. However, you are responsible for "room and board" and routine expenses incurred as a member of the family.

How about medical insurance? No, they have a policy with a deductible that they pay; your personal physician would see them if necessary.

What do we have to provide? A bed, bureau, closet and a place to study and the usual transportation.

Must they have their own room? They can share with another student of the same sex.

What aren't they allowed to do? Think 5 D's. No drinking, drugs, driving (operation of machinery) or serious dating (group events fine). downloading on to their hosts computer without their permission

What are they expected to do? Go to school, try their best in a foreign language, and participate in sports, theatre, music or any group activity that leads to involvement.

We are Catholic. Is the student expected to go to our church? You may invite them but they are not required and may prefer to go a church of their own faith.

Can we travel with them? Yes, just fill out the travel form on www.rotary7120.org and give it to Ken Poole (kpoole01@rochester.rr.com a week before you go.


Where can I find more information on hosting? www.rotary.org/RIdocuments/en_pdf/749


I am interested in hosting more. Whom do I contact?


Lynn Holcomb, 3397 C.R. 13, Shortsville, NY  345-462-3397 scoots0022@yahoo.com

Joe Delforte, 3486 West Lake Rd., Canandaigua, NY 394-2036  jdel40@rochester.rr.com




June 8, 2009

For Immediate Release

Contact: Kenton Poole kpoole01@rochester.rr.com

585 703 2067


Canandaigua Rotary is seeking host families for exchange students.


Canandaigua has a long history of hosting exchange students sponsored by the Canandaigua Rotary from all over the world. In addition, the world hosts our students; currently we have a student in Spain and in Sweden. This summer one student leaves for Italy and another goes to Mexico for the school year. This exchange could not happen without host families who are willing to open their homes to a student and new experiences. This year we have a young man from Czech Republic and a young woman from Austria, both speak English and are looking forward to spending a year in Canandaigua, a city they have heard so much about from former exchange students.


Host father Kevin McCormack says that “hosting an exchange student is a great way for my family to see Canandaigua and the USA through a new set of eyes.” Agnes Fischer said that “my exchange student has become part of their family and it will be sad to see her leave.“ Ken Poole who hosted an exchange student “says that it was a terrific experience, brought us closer to the community and we all learned a new language.” Rotary International has long believed that the Exchange Student Program brings good will to both sides of the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean. Learning about new cultures is important for our youth so that they can make informed decisions about other cultures.


Host families provide room and board for three to four months. The students are given monthly stipends to cover out of pocket expenses. Host parents do not have to be Rotarians nor must they have children in the Canandaigua Academy. But they must be willing to be parents again and ensure that their student gets the attention and support they need to have a successful American experience.


Two students arrive August 15th. A host family questions and answer meeting is scheduled for Monday, June 15th, at 7 pm at the Canandaigua Red Cross, 5297 Parkside Drive. If you are interested in hosting during the school calendar year of 2009/2010, or if you have a student interested in being an exchange student please contact Kenton Poole at 585 905 0160 or email Kpoole01@rochester.rr.com to register for this meeting.