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Album Name: Outhouse Park Face-lift Return to Albums
Album Date: May 30, 2015
Description: The exercise equipment and various flower beds get the Spring treatment.
(click an image to enlarge and start a slide show)
Before Cookie and ? gets us organized. The Big Rock Team 1: Mary Potter, Steve Smythe, President Mary, Ben Gullo, Don O'Neill, and Kathi Neven. Equipment Team 1: Exchange Student Silvia, Dave Hutchings, Jodi Kaufman, Cookie, President Mary, and Rotary friend. Is Silvia trying to get Dave Hutchings to work harder or faster? Isn't it time for Equipment Team 2: Greg Gullo, Mark Vahey, Dan Kelley and John Spare to get back to work?
Everybody pitched in making 3 hours of work happen inside of 2. Flower Bed Team 1: Joe DelForte, George Herren, Pete Mulvaney, Marty Muehe, Janet Tenreiro, and Rick Hawks. No that's Not Jean Logan hiding, but Jean Logan working. Even the lilac bed got the Treatment with Zoe Fackelman, Bob Christakos, and Barb Fuge, she's falling over from the hard work or getting back up. Mulch Team 1: Floyd Rayburn being supervised by Mark Vahey? Yeh, right! More like Floyd showing Mark how it's done.
Ever notice when the photographer says smile here and everyone puts Something in their hand? Maybe, just maybe they might be drawn to the project by the refreshments!? It may look like President Mary is giving instructions to Kirby. NOPE. Kirby is giving President Mary instructions on how to drive the machine WITHOUT the parking break being on! It's the Truth. Silvia STOP!!!! She stopped just in time. Good breaks! Maybe the photographer should not stand in the way of an exchange student? Floyd Rayburn really doesn't need a hand because he works hard enough for 2 maybe 3 people!
Yep. Accidents DO happen. It's Kathi Nevin disclaiming any knowledge, she is just helping clean up. It seems that somebody was just asking about that latch thing. (Nobody got hurt, and nothing got broken, amateurs!) 20 something Rotarians and friends making 40 hands of work. Job WELL DONE!!!